The Institute:Daddy Issues(8)

By: Evangeline Anderson

“Isn’t there any way to get someone down once they take the Please other than to have sex?” I asked.

The cap­tain frowned. “There was one case where a girl was given a hit of Please at a party and her older brother took her home be­fore she could fall into the wrong hands. It wasn’t un­til after he got her back to the house that the symp­toms hit.”

“Oh no…” I put a hand to my mouth. “Please tell me he didn’t—”

“No, he didn’t have sex with his own sis­ter, Sug­ar­baker,” the Cap­tain said. “But people who take Please are in des­per­ate need of in­tense phys­ical sen­sa­tion. So in­stead of hav­ing sex with her, he beat the hell out of her.”

“He what?” I asked, rais­ing my eye­brows at him.

“You heard me—he beat her black and blue.” The Cap­tain shrugged. “It worked. She didn’t die but when she came down off the Please high she was a mess.”

“Did she press charges?” I asked.

The Cap­tain shook his head. “No. She gave a state­ment to the ef­fect that she’d rather have a few bruises than have been raped by some stranger. She was grate­ful to her brother, if you can be­lieve that.”

“Well, he did save her from be­ing date raped,” I said, shrug­ging. “And then he gave her what her body needed, even if it prob­ably wasn’t ex­actly what she wanted at the time.”

“This must be stopped.”

I was sur­prised to hear the vehe­mence in Salt’s voice. Turn­ing, I saw that there was a grim ex­pres­sion on his nor­mally blank face, a mur­der­ous an­ger I rarely saw.

“So you’re up for this?” I asked him. “You want to go in un­der­cover as my “Daddy” so we can bust these guys?”

He looked at me ser­i­ously. “I know this will be hard for you, Andi. Much harder for you than for me. For that, I am sorry. But yes—I think we must stop this at any cost.”

Well, that was some­thing to con­sider. I’d been pre­pared to put up more of a fight on this one but Salt seemed to feel really strongly about it.

“All right,” I said, nod­ding at last. “I still don’t like it but we’ll do it.”

“Great.” Cap­tain Douglas looked very re­lieved. Clearly, he’d ex­pec­ted more of an ar­gu­ment from me. “We’ll make the ar­range­ments and in the mean­time, I’d like Pro­fessor Stevens here to coach the two of you on what to ex­pect and how to act.”

I looked at my watch. “Sounds good but it’s al­most quit­ting time, Cap­tain. Can we pick this back up to­mor­row?”

“Ac­tu­ally, we were hop­ing to get you into the In­sti­tute sooner rather than later,” the Cap­tain said.

“Okay.” I sighed. “Maybe the three of us can all go out to din­ner to­gether? Talk some more now?”

Stevens shif­ted un­com­fort­ably. “We do need to talk but I think it’s bet­ter we do it in private.”

“Plus you’ll need to try on your cos­tumes,” the Cap­tain put in. “I don’t think you’ll want to be seen out in pub­lic wear­ing those. Sorry, Sug­ar­baker.”

I frowned. “Okay, and what is Salt go­ing to wear?”

“Just wear a suit,” the Cap­tain said to Salt. “The more ex­pens­ive, the bet­ter. You’re go­ing to be a wealthy Rus­sian in­vestor who’s new to the whole Daddy-Dom ex­per­i­ence. You’re go­ing to the in­sti­tute with your Little, hop­ing to get tips to train her bet­ter.”

“Wait—why does Salt have to ‘train’ me?” I de­man­ded.

“Everything is al­ways a fight with you, isn’t it, Sug­ar­baker?” the Cap­tain growled. “Dr. Stevens and I thought it would be bet­ter for the two of you to present yourselves as new to the Age Play scene to ex­plain any mis­takes you might make.”