The In-law Solution

By: Vanessa Robinson

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Chapter one

It was shortly after her eighteenth birthday when it happed for the first time. She was just two months away from graduating high school. She had been dating Greg Bender at the time, a sophomore at the university. He had invited her to a frat party, and she was excited to go. She had always felt more mature than the other girls at school, and his inviting her to party with the college crowd just proved it.

She had dressed as provocatively as she could. She liked Greg, but maybe there would be someone better suited for her than Greg at the party, someone who could better fulfill her needs. Greg was okay in bed, but something was missing. She wasn’t quite sure what it was, but there was something missing.

He picked her up, and as they walked back to his car, she appraised him. He had wide shoulders, tight abs and a bigger than average package. He was funny, and had a sharp wit. Unlike some of the other boys she had dated in high school, he was patient and not selfish when it came to her pleasure once the lights were out. She just couldn’t put her finger on what was missing.

When they got to the party, she recognized some faces there from other parties he had taken her too. About a half hour after getting there, she found herself alone by the punch table, Greg off chatting with some of his frat brothers. Annette found herself wondering when the others were going to show up for the party. There were maybe four other girls here. She chugged another glass of the spiked punch, starting to feel like she had made a mistake in coming. The party was turning out to be a dud.

That’s when Bud Anderson came over to her.

"Hey Annette, your looking good tonight. I have a treat if you're interested?"

She looked at his outstretched hand, and he held some pills in it.

"What's that Bud?"

"These are Ecstasy pills. They liven up any party. You should try them. We are all flying on them right now."

Not wanting to seem like she was a downer, she took the pills. About forty minutes passed, with various guys chatting with her as they came to get punch. Greg still AWOL from her side when she noticed how great she was feeling. Bill Donaldson snuck up behind her and she felt his hands before she saw him.

"Hey Gorgeous, where has Greg been hiding you at lately. The fellows and I have missed seeing you around. You’re too hot to be hidden away."

She felt his hands rubbing up and down her back as he said that to her, and it felt better than any back rub she had ever had. She could feel herself tingling in her moistness, small pulsations of desire ripping through her. She marveled that his touch and words were having this effect on her, and felt more alive than she ever had.

"You seem like too much woman for Greg truthfully. To much for any one man. Have you ever been with two men before? Two men who worshipped your body the way it was meant to be worshipped?"

She normally would have been shocked at his words, but her inhibitions were gone, and his hands continued rubbing on her, exciting her. He was lightly squeezing her ass now, and she loved the way his hand was cupping it, playing with it. Her desire was pulsing through her now at his touch, the wickedness of his suggestion.

"I have never been with two guys before. But the idea sounds wickedly delicious," she said. She smiled at him, letting him know she was open to having it take place now. Her pussy was throbbing so hard in desire, screaming for relief.

He smiled at her and took her hand, leading her off to one of the bedrooms. On the way there, he nodded his head at Biff Jergenson, the frat jock, who played for the basketball team. He followed them into the bedroom, and as Bill led her to the bed and started undressing her, she watched Biff lock the door behind them. Biff turned and started disrobing, and she felt her excitement rise when she saw the thickness of his cock, throbbing hard with excitement at the sight of her naked body.

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