The Final Fall(7)

By: Alexa Riley

“This is it, London. You’re mine forever now.”

She smiles and spreads her legs shyly. I grab her ankle, rubbing my thumbs across it, wanting to feel her soft skin again. I easily pull her down the bed as I drop to the floor between her spread thighs. I toss her legs over my shoulders and lick my lips.

“Angel.” I whisper her name against her pussy as I breathe in her heavenly scent. The smell of her fresh pussy fills my senses, and I grip her ass with both hands. She isn’t going anywhere. She’s staying put until I’m finished.

I take one long lick, and when I pass her clit she jerks in my grip. I keep her thighs in a tight hold. I need this more than I need my next breath, and she’s going to give it to me. I want to show her I can take care of her and make her feel good. I may not be worthy of her, but I’ll make sure she has everything she’s dreamed of.

She moans my name as my tongue circles her clit. Then I suck on her until she’s thrashing. Her legs begin to shake and I watch her fingers dig into the sheets.

“That’s it, angel. Ride my face.”

Up and down my tongue moves between her swollen lips as her body nears its peak. Steady strums right on her hard pearl are what she’s after, and I give it to her. I lick her virgin cunt within an inch of its life, and I’m rewarded when she screams my name and warm, wet cream lands on my tongue.

I don’t stop as she pulses and her orgasm rocks through her body. I help her stretch it out and keep my mouth right where she needs it most.

“Please, Viktor, it’s too much,” she pleads, oversensitive from her climax.

I give her cunt one last peck and then kiss the inside of each of her thighs before I rise to my feet. There’s a dreamy look on her face, and I want to beat my chest like I conquered a goddamn mountain. There’s never been a greater moment in my life. Seeing her like this, happy with what I’ve done to her, and knowing I’m about to go balls deep into my new home.

I strip off my clothes and stare down at her.

“Show me my prize,” I demand, staring between her legs.

They fall open, showing me her soaked pink pussy that’s glistening with her release. For a moment I wonder how it will look when it’s covered in my cum, and I take my cock in my hand. I pump up and down the thick length, licking my lips and tasting what’s left of her pussy. Her virgin cunt is the jewel I will hold most precious. But make no mistake, I will own it.

She reaches her hands out, silently calling for me. I slide one arm under her body and climb onto the bed with her, scooting her up. I move between her thighs, pushing them wide open as I slide my cock between her wet lips.

Leaning down, I kiss her, letting my tongue show her what my cock is about to do. When my mouth moves to her neck, I press the tip of my cock to her opening. It’s covered in cum and slick with her own release.

“You make me feel so small,” she says, looking down to where we are about to be joined.

“You are small. But I’ll be as gentle as I can.” I’ll try not to hurt her, but I have to be inside her. There’s no way around it. I have to own her, and I have to fuck her, and I need to do it now.

“I trust you,” she says, raising her hips. I growl, loving how hungry she is for this, too.

She makes the cutest mewling sounds as I push forward just a few inches, letting the thick head sink into her virgin cunt. I feel her barrier stop me after only a few inches, and I hold there. Leaning down, I kiss her lips softly as I thrust forward, all the way to the root, and sink into her tight pussy. Her warm, wet grip squeezes me as I feel her tense and then relax. I don’t move right away, but instead kiss her slowly and let her adjust. The silky heat of her pussy is begging me to cum on the spot, but I focus on her and hold out.

As her hips move tentatively, I check my control. It’s taking everything in me not to thrust in and out of her like a dog. She’s the one person on this earth that I never want to hurt, and I will make sure that I spend my life from here on out only giving her pleasure.

“Move,” she whispers against my lips, and I do as she says.

My thick cock pulls out in a long stroke and slowly sinks back into her warmth. I move her hips so that every thrust is pleasure, making sure her G-spot is being rubbed every single time.

Her breath catches and I know I’m right where she needs it, so I hold it there, rubbing it with the fat head of my dick. Her body coils under mine and her eyes roll to the back of her head.

“That’s it right there, isn’t it?” I move my lips to her neck and bite her. “I’m going to make sure you’re addicted to that fucking sweet spot so every time your pussy tingles, you climb on my cock and make me find it.”