The Final Fall(3)

By: Alexa Riley

Luck is on my side because I’m already headed that way. I hit the gas, looking at the navigation to see it’s not even an hour from her home. Four from me, but I’ll make it in three. I need to see her with my own eyes.

“I didn’t think anyone took her, because her father hasn’t reported her missing. I feel like if your daughter is missing for three days, you’d do that.”

I nod in agreement even though I know he can’t see me. I’m not a man of many words. I don’t talk when it’s not needed.

“So I started digging into the preacher’s daughter.”

“She doesn’t belong to him,” I correct.

I hear a snort and clench my teeth once again. “I started looking into your girl.” He emphasizes the last word. “Since her mom up and left him, which we’ll get back to in a minute, she stayed with her grandparents until she was in her early teens, then her dad brought her back home to the church. The grandparents ended up dying a while back. Their house is still there and still in their names. It shouldn’t be, because according to their will, it was left to your girl when she turned eighteen. But from what I can tell, I don’t think she knows that.”

My mind starts working. I didn’t pay him much attention. My angel always seemed so happy.

“How can you be sure?” I ask, still worried. I’ll stay that way until I get my eyes on her. They will never leave her again.

“She didn’t have a car in her name, and the dad seems like a dick, so I’m guessing he isn’t letting her use his. I went digging at the bus station and got into their shit. I pulled up the cameras and did some more shit you don’t care about until I spotted her. She bought a ticket with cash, headed for Cranberry.”

The piece of information makes me feel a little better, but still I ache. Saint rattles off the address to me.

“Don’t hang up,” he orders.

I don’t, but I don’t speak either.

“I don’t think her mom skipped town,” he adds. I pop my neck, getting ready for what’s coming. “From what I can tell, the preacher’s wife seemed awful fucking clumsy. Always in and out of the hospital with injuries. Then one day, poof.”

A rumble leaves my chest. He must have killed her mom.

“If he’s touched her…”

“Yeah,” Saint agrees.

I’m shocked I said that out loud, but like always, my control isn’t great when it comes to my angel.

“Fixer, if you ever need something, don’t hesitate.”

I don’t return the favor. I already did my deed for Saint, and I have a feeling I might be retiring very soon.

I roll down the window and toss the phone out of it. I push the gas even harder, eating up the miles that separate us.

I have no plan for what I’m going to do when I get there. She doesn’t even know who I am. A few times I thought she caught me looking at her. Or maybe I was being stupid like I often am with her. How could she have not seen me? I’ve been following her for a year. Sometimes it isn’t easy to stay hidden, and with my size it’s even harder.

I run my hand down my face. I thought leaving my angel alone and watching her was for her own good. But now I see the error of my ways. I’ve been letting her live with a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

The right thing to do would be to kill him and then she would be free. She could go on and live a normal life. But I’ve never been the kind of man that does the right thing. After losing her for days, I see that I can’t live without her, and I know I can’t live with only watching. What if someone else tried to take her? What if another man tried to make her his?

Rage makes my neck hot. I would end up killing someone, and that would cause my angel pain.

There is only one choice. She has to be mine.

I park about half a mile from the house in a docking area. I grab my bag and make the walk. I pick up speed with each step, and before I know what’s happening I have her cheap alarm disabled and the lock popped on her front door. I slide inside and close the door behind me. My heart is pounding. I hear someone moving around in the kitchen. I place my bag on the floor by the door and step into the living room.

The weight on my chest lifts. She’s perfect as always. She turns around and takes a few steps before she notices me standing there. When her face turns in my direction, she freezes and her mouth drops open. She doesn’t look scared. I try to read her expression, but there’s too much to take in. When I see the light in her green eyes sparkle, I know I’ve got her.

She drops everything she has in her hands and runs at me, jumping into my arms.

I catch her easily as she wraps her arms around my neck. When she presses her lips to mine, I fall to my knees on the floor.