The Dragon King(121)

By: Candace Blevins

“Okay, that bites,” said Brain. “I mean, what are the odds you’ll go from one person to their best friend? I mean, give me a few minutes and I can probably tell you the odds—”

“No one needs to know the exact number, Brain.” Keith interrupted with a growl. “Besides, Frisco and Isaac are both into the same brand of kink, which means Cassie was fishing from the very small pool of acceptable men who enjoy what Frisco gave her, so it’s actually not so surprising.” He looked to Gen. “Keep going.”

She rolled her eyes. “Cassie and Frisco work out at the same dojo, and their friends were in a big fight in Vegas. I mean, not with each other. They’re into the whole MMA thing, and Sam and Ethan were both scheduled for really big fights.”

“Hold up,” Dawg said, his eyes bright. “Sam and Ethan Levi?”

“Well, yeah. You know them?”

“Not personally, but kind of cool you know people who know them. They’re both bad-ass. The club did the pay-per-view thing and had a big party. Cheered them both on.”

“I know them. In fact, Ethan worked with me until I was comfortable fighting someone as big as him. Taught me how to use his size and weight against him. He’s way cool, and so in love with Sam, sometimes my eyes water just watching him watch her.”

Keith chuckled and touched Gen’s cheek. She’d given up on trying to be professional, as she had a feeling this group would open up to her only after they were comfortable with her. However, Keith’s touch upped the ante even more, and it made her uncomfortable. Before she could say anything, though, his next words made her forget to tell him to keep his hands to himself.

“One minute you tell us you’ve learned fighting skills from the fucking champion of the world heavyweight MMA titleholder, and the next you reveal how much of a fuckin’ romantic you are by saying you get all teary-eyed just seeing the way he looks at his wife? Damn, Gen, you’re still that same free-spirited little girl, just all grown up with curves now. I’m likin’ what I see.”

“You didn’t even know I existed back then, Keith. I crushed on you so hard and we never even had a full conversation. And you say the eff word an awful lot.”

Gen winced as she realized the filter between her brain and mouth was apparently malfunctioning.

Duke’s smile was so cocky she wanted to crawl under the table, but instead chose to glare at him.

“You crushed on me?” The cocky smile grew to arrogant and cocky.

“I was, like, fourteen,” Gen retorted. “It was a long time ago, and you didn’t know I existed.”

“Oh, yeah I did. Definitely did. You were off limits though. Frisco’s little sister.”

“Off limits? Seriously?”

“Seriously. Good thing I’ve got new brothers now, with different little sisters off limits. You’re no longer on the list.”



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