The Doctor's Fake Marriage(8)

By: Amy Brent

Courtney and I were practically strangers who had only become roommates out of necessity. Rent and food were a lot cheaper when split, and since she’d started dating Scott, he’d even pitched in a little because he was always around.

Courtney gave him a dead-eyed stare. “No, now you can be more careful. I’m not ready to be a mother.”

“I told you, you should have volunteered for the procedure. God knows it would do more good to you than it would do to me. I’ll be the only virgin on the list of volunteers.” I had told her about the trial the day I’d signed up, and of course, she’d told Scott all about it. There wasn’t anything he didn’t know about me.

“Yeah, what a waste. You should take us up on our offer, Harbor. I’ll put that baby to use.” Scott’s brows jogged up and down.

“Don’t be crass, Scott and don’t use the word baby, I’m still a bit freaked out. Could you imagine me as a mother?”

“I want to be a mom.” I had always wanted children, and I’d always considered the idea a happy thought. It would be an amazing experience. I thought about the treatment and hoped that it wouldn’t have any ill effects on me. I had read some of the side-effects, and everything seemed common, but Dr. Strong had warned me that it could make my natural hormones go a bit haywire at first. She’d wanted me to know all the risks before I signed on the dotted line.

“You’ve got to get laid first,” said Courtney. I could always count on her to be blunt.

Scott made a noise that let us know he was totally offended and to drive the point home he put his hand on his chest. “Who’s being crass now?”

Courtney wound up the dish towel she’d dried her hand on and popped it in his direction, and as the two danced around the kitchen, I contemplated telling them about Dr. Black. They’d surely have something to say knowing I would be staying with the handsome, single doctor.

Courtney glanced at me over Scott’s shoulder. “So did you find out where you’re staying? Is it a nice hotel?” We’d hoped it would be something decent, but I wasn’t going to complain about a free room on the way to earning money. She pushed Scott one more time and sat with me at the table.

I took a deep breath. I may as well get this over with. “Yeah, about that, I don’t know where I’m staying, but I’m sure it’s nice. Dr. Black is taking care of the arrangements, so I am sure it’s going to be some high-class place. He’s too arrogant for anything less.” I lifted my shoulder as Scott put a plate of his spaghetti special in front of us.

Courtney’s eyes narrowed. “So you’re staying in the same place?”

“He said Dr. Strong wanted him to keep an eye on me.” I twirled the pasta on my fork.

The two exchanged a smirk. “I bet he only booked one room. Maybe he’s hoping to pop your cherry this weekend.” Scott grabbed his plate and sat with us avoiding Courtney’s elbow.

“Well, if he’s hoping, he’s wasting his time.”

Courtney leaned in on one elbow. “Dr. Evan Black? I’ve heard about him. He’s a player. I think he was seeing my friend’s sister. She worked for him or something. He’s gorgeous if it’s the same man. He has to be.”

“It is. You know I’ve told you about him—the dreamy one everyone moons over.” I rolled my eyes. “You know my rule. It has to be the right time, and I doubt it will be with him anyway. He’s not going to notice someone like me.” I pushed my glasses up on my nose as if to prove my point.

Courtney frowned. “Don’t sell yourself short. I’d kill for your looks. You’re a natural beauty, and any man would love to be with you.” She was laying it on as thick as she was when Scott convinced her to ask me to join them. Though it had been flattering in a strange way, it wasn’t my style.

I snapped my fingers. “Oh, that reminds me, do you have any dresses I could borrow? Something I could wear to a fancy dinner?”

She put a finger to her lip and then nodded. “I think I have just the thing. I wore it last vacation when we went to Vegas. And then I have another little silk number you might be into.” She nudged Scott. “So, he’s taking you to dinner?”

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