The Doctor's Fake Marriage(7)

By: Amy Brent

“Opposed to a fruit that you don’t eat?”

She sighed. “You eat all fruit, silly.”

“But what about an orange?” I smiled as her eyes narrowed and she frowned as if she had to think about that. “It’s a fruit too, right?”

She nodded her head. “But it’s a color too, Daddy. But an apple isn’t a color.”

I held up a finger. “You’re so smart.” I walked her into the kitchen where Lucinda was pulling cookies out of the oven.

“Lucinda baked cookies while I painted.” She went to the fridge and pulled down her paper causing the magnets holding it to fall to the floor.

Lucinda picked them up and stuck them back in the fridge. “The paint’s still a bit wet,” she warned. The woman was so thoughtful I was glad we had her in our lives, and Blythe was crazy about her.

“Sorry, I’m a bit late. I had to meet with a colleague about a trip I have to take this weekend. I will need you here through Sunday, and I’ll pay you overtime.” The woman’s face lit up like she was happy with the idea, which made it much easier. We’d discussed the crazy schedule when I hired her, and since she lived alone only five minutes away, she was good with my last-minute traveling or call-ins at the hospital. I had also offered to pay her rent to keep her in that location instead of moving her in with us to give Blythe and I more quality time.

Blythe wandered into the other room to see something on TV and Lucinda stepped closer and lowered her voice. “That’s fine, Sir. Do you mind if I take Blythe to a play on Saturday? I was going to ask anyway, but now we could perhaps make a whole day of it?” She had hopeful eyes, and I appreciated her not asking in front of Blythe. If I had to say no, it could make me look like the bad guy, and Lucinda always respected me in that manner and not put me in that position.

“Yes, that would be great, thanks. It’ll be good to know she’s having fun.” I thought a moment about the fun I’d be having.

“Oh, thank you. She’s going to be excited when I ask her. She’s seen it on TV all week, and I would like to see it myself. It looks fun.” She walked to the other room to see Blythe and then the two returned happy.

“I’m going to see the big rabbits dance, Daddy.” She danced in a little circle and pumped her fist. I couldn’t help but laugh, and I know she’d seen me do the same thing when watching sports.

I had no idea what she was talking about. “I know, I’m so excited about it. You’re going to have so much fun!”

She ran to Lucinda, and the two hugged. Lucinda stood upright and walked to where she kept her purse. “I’ll leave you two alone now, if you need anything you know to call, I’ll be here.”

“Thanks so much, Luc. Take care.” And then it was just the two of us. My precious angel and her devil of a daddy.

“What do you want for dinner?”

“Pizza!” she cheered, and then she danced around the kitchen.

We’d had pizza three nights in a row, but there was no way I wasn’t going to give my sweet pea exactly what she wanted. So, I grabbed my phone and made the order as she danced around me.

Even though all the excitement over pizza and finger paintings was the center of my attention, I couldn’t get that hot little intern off my mind.

Chapter 4: Harbor

I hated going home some days. It wasn’t often that I had the pleasure of silence with Courtney’s boyfriend, Scott around, but at least today he’d managed to cook dinner and had the decency to ask me if I would like some. And this time he’d actually been talking about food.

I shrugged and said sure as Courtney came out of the bathroom. “Good news, I’m not pregnant.” She showed us the test on her way to the trash and then she went to the sink and washed her hands.

“Awesome, now we can have more sex,” Scott cheered as I rolled my eyes.

He could have more sex, and I’d have to hear it. Not to mention the two of them had offered more times than once to include me, which I’d politely refused. They did it after learning I was still a virgin, but I wasn’t inclined to lose my virginity that way.

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