The Doctor's Fake Marriage(6)

By: Amy Brent

But now my focus was all on Harbor Moore and making her my weekend project. Maybe a good fucking would improve her desire to dress sexier. All she needed was the right frame of mind and someone to show her what a goddess she could be.

That would be my goal.

I finished up the paperwork and left it on the counter for Nora’s assistant who had gone for the day, and then I headed out to go home. I had to get my things packed and make sure my nanny had her instructions and most importantly I needed to spend as much time with Blythe as possible.

We hadn’t had as much time lately because of my workload and the fact that I’d been covering for the other surgeons who had gone on vacations. This trip marked the last of that stretch and when I returned I was going to plan a trip for the two of us. She was getting to the age where she could go do more, and I didn’t have to carry her or bring the nanny along. Taking Tana anywhere had been out of the question in the year past, she was too problematic forgetting she wasn’t at work and making out like we were one big happy family.

When I replaced her, I’d taken all of that into consideration and hired an older woman, one who I wasn’t attracted to in any way. It had been anything but normal with Tana around, and it had even gotten to where I’d brought her to my bed a few nights and let her stay over. Not to mention the many times she’d put Blythe down for a nap and then come into the living room only to blow my cock or end up beneath me.

I couldn’t let that go on. I had to watch what situations I put my daughter in, even though I missed the accessibility of having someone around to relieve my stress. Dating was out of the question too, because no one just wanted to go to dinner, fuck, and be friends. They all wanted a deeply committed relationship, and I needed a bit of variety.

My thirst for variety hadn’t sat well with Tana either, and the few times she’d want me to fuck her only to find out I’d just blown both wads with someone else the hour before, she’d lose her damned mind. I’d had to put her in her place one too many times during those last days, and even though she tried to be the one for me, she just couldn’t.

I couldn’t help but think about Harbor and hoped that she wasn’t so impressionable. I wanted her to crave me, sure, but I didn’t want her to get attached or some crazy idea that just because I fucked her a few times, I was in love.

My love was reserved for Blythe alone.

I pulled my convertible Corvette into my private drive and eased into the garage. If I had a love for anything else in the world, it was that car.

Lucinda greeted me at the door holding Blythe’s hand. She had always been good to do that when I returned, and she’d once told me it was because her mother did that with her and her papa. It was nice to have someone more concerned about my daughter than where and when the next orgasm would take place,

Blythe jogged her little feet and jumped up and down with her arms up. “Daddy!” She had a big smile for me, and I wasted no time scooping her up and into my arms and hugging her tightly.

She was the spitting image of her mother with dark blond hair, but those pale gray eyes were all mine, and they made her look years wiser. “How’s my special girl?” I rubbed my nose against hers and planted a soft kiss next to her mouth. She laid her head on my shoulder for a moment and then rose up to put both of her hands on my face.

“I painted pictures today with my fingers.” She held her hands up and other than a tiny spot of blue next to her nail that Lucinda must have missed, they were perfectly clean.

“Let me guess. You painted it blue?” Her eyes lit up, and she giggled.

“Only the sky, silly.” She turned her head to the side. “What other colors do you think I painted.”

I pretended to think really hard. “Apple?”

She shook her head and giggled louder as Lucinda walked away smiling. “Apple isn’t a color, Daddy. Don’t you know your colors?” She put her hand on her hip being sassy.

“Well, what is it then?” I shrugged my shoulders.

“It’s a fruit that you eat.” She spoke very precisely, as if each word was more important than the next.

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