The Doctor's Fake Marriage(5)

By: Amy Brent

I’d been surprised when she offered me the opportunity to make the extra money to help compensate some of my tuition. When I’d first come to the medical university, she’d tried to stop me because of my age. I’d finished high school early and begun my college career early. I’d always had the feeling she didn’t like me very much, but she’d been helpful over the last few weeks that I figured she’d changed. I glanced back up to Dr. Black’s smirk and thought maybe she had someone else to be offended by.

“I’m sure it will be fine. Thanks.”

“It will be more than fine.” His voice had lowered an octave, and he stepped even closer. “I bet we’ll have a good time. I’m looking forward to it.” Chills went up the back of my neck as another throb hit me down to my core.

If he thought for one minute that I’d lose my focus over him, he was sorely mistaken. I’d come too far to let him or anyone else step in the way, and if I could refuse a bunch of silly, horny, high school and college boys, I could hold out on him too.

If he thought for a moment that I was like all the other girls he’d seduced, he had another thing coming. Not only was I not easy, but I had no desire to have a sexual relationship with anyone at this point in my life. Not even a one night stand or a weekend for that matter.

I took a step back, and one more look brought me down to reality. He wasn’t interested in me. How could he be? Men—doctors like him, weren’t interested in some silly, slouchy school girl with glasses.

“Well, I just need you to sign some papers for me, and I’ll let you be on your way.” He walked over to the counter where he placed the papers, and then he reached into the pen cup and handed me one.

I scribbled my name and then when I turned, he held out his hand. I took it, and we shook hands. “I guess I’ll see you in a couple of days.” I forced a warm smile, but he still gave me that steamy gray stare like was picturing me naked.

“I can’t wait.” He gave me another look up and down as I turned to leave and I felt his eyes all over me as I walked away.

As much as I was certain I’d never give in to his temptations, I had to admit he was the sexiest man I’d ever laid eyes on and he’d stirred more inside me in our brief encounter than anyone else I’d ever met.

I’d need a hell of a lot of self-control to get me through the weekend.

Chapter 3: Evan

A word popped into my head as I watched her walk away. Damn.

I could have followed that up with a few ideas: Damn I hope she’ll dress better on the trip. Damn, she’s young. Damn what a rack. And finally, my personal favorite, damn I want to come all over those big glasses.

She might not have had the sense of fashion most of the young women I had dated did, but there was a true beauty waiting to be claimed underneath all of that awkwardness. I had a few ideas already long before even meeting her. Turns out she’s a very photogenic young woman, and I’d taken the liberty to look up her up through the hospital to see what I was dealing with. I’d had a bad feeling that Nora was trying to set me up, but this girl looked harmless enough.

Once I decided she was bang worthy, I booked a joining suite at the hotel and decided to treat her to dinner. By my calculations, this time Saturday I’d have already nailed her.

I’d expected her to be a bit chubby considering in her picture she had a younger, fuller face, but she’d slimmed out a bit since it was taken. Her soft, round ass wasn’t terribly noticeable in her baggy jeans, but I could tell it had firmed up nice and tight and I couldn’t wait to get my dick in it; that and her perfect, pouty mouth.

She seemed to have a bit of a chip on her shoulder about something, but I was well capable of knocking it off. I’d tamed wilder women than her and some even twice her age, which was closer to my own at thirty-eight.

I loved my women a bit younger, but she’d be the youngest I’d had since it was no longer appropriate. Tana had been a scandal for me at twenty-two. But as things went on, she’d gotten too clingy. I remembered those daggers she’d given me on her way out the other day and laughed. I didn’t worry too much about her. If I wanted her, she’d come to me and then she’d come her head off.

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