The Doctor's Fake Marriage(3)

By: Amy Brent

“My office will have all the papers. I’m out of town at the moment, but I’ve left everything with my secretary. Please make sure you go by and sign the paperwork, so you’ll be compensated as well.” She was all business, and I should have known she’d not be around to see me. She’d probably set that up herself.

“Thanks.” What else could I say? I couldn’t piss her off or there went my job. I needed it too badly now that I was taking care of Blythe full time on my own. I wanted to provide her with the very best, and she’d never want for anything.

The phone went dead, and I tossed the used handkerchief into the trash before calling the intern, Harbor. She didn’t answer, and I wondered if she was at work. I left a message for her to call me and sure enough, after the usual shift change at the hospital, she called. I made arrangements to meet in person. If I was going to be traveling with someone, I wanted to at least make sure if it would be worth my while.

She sounded sexy enough on the phone, her soft voice singing sweet music that went straight to my cock. I hoped she wasn’t like a lot of the other brainy types who seemed to only care about their grades and not where to buy a hairbrush, but it didn’t much matter what she was like, she was going along for the ride, and I’d have to keep my dick in my pants.

I had a feeling it was the only reason Nora had asked me to bring her. It was probably a test to see if I’d hit on this girl and then Nora would have every reason to can me. I couldn’t afford to lose my job, which was why I had to agree to this in the first place.

She hated me enough to try and get me to leave. No, Nora probably found someone who is a knockout, hoping I would do it so that she’d get the honor. Bring it on, Nora.

Chapter 2: Harbor

My foot tapped almost involuntarily as I waited outside of the administrator’s office at the hospital where I interned. I was supposed to be meeting Dr. Black a half hour ago, but the man was late. I wondered if he’d gotten called into surgery and hoped that there hadn’t been some type of awful emergency that would keep him from showing up. I didn’t have a number to reach him, but I also didn’t have anything else better to do.

I slumped on the lobby sofa and thought I might as well relax and get comfortable. If I fell asleep, I’d have accomplished something in the time I was wasting. I could have been home at my apartment being ignored by my roommate and her boyfriend or been staring at paint waiting for it to dry, but no, instead I got to wait on the most arrogant and impossibly handsome doctors at the hospital.

I wondered if I’d see him at the event and just how often we’d be around one another. Ms. Strong had said she would organize my trip, so I could only imagine that she’d also made preparations for transportation and lodging.

I was more than surprised to see a message from Dr. Black on my phone, but then again I was volunteering for the Ortho-Nouveau study, and he might be the one who was going to assist with the procedure. I could only imagine that our little meeting he was late for was nothing more than a pre-op visit to let me know what the procedure would entail. It wasn’t an operation, but more like an insertion under the skin from what I’d been told, but I couldn’t think of any other reason he would need to see me.

I’d heard many different things about his reputation, some good, some bad, some too crazy to be true, but the number of people who had his name in their mouths and on their minds, weren’t thinking about him for no reason. Rumor had it he was a real player, a bad boy doctor whose life was uprooted when his wife died, leaving him to care for his daughter all alone. Add to that his crazy level of sexy from his dark hair and gorgeous gray eyes, down to his rippling abs and perfect ass—he was a god.

He was a fantasy that I’d not dared let myself have too often because it wasn’t like he’d ever notice me. I wasn’t like most young ladies my age. Most would call me a nerd, and that’s okay. I could pull off geek chic better than most, though today I was a bit more geek than chic, and possibly downright nerdy. I’d barely looked at myself in the mirror this morning, but figured I was acceptable. I’d at least combed my hair and put it up, even though I hadn’t taken the time to put on any makeup.

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