The Doctor's Fake Marriage(2)

By: Amy Brent

She was a resilient young woman of twenty-five years old, and at thirteen years younger than me, she wasn’t what I saw myself with. The truth was, I didn’t see myself with anyone full time. The only way I’d marry ever again was if someone put a gun to my head and even then, I’d have to think long and hard about it. I considered the possibility and pounded her harder.

She moved her ass and pushed herself back against my cock like a hungry whore. “You want that, you dirty fucking girl?” I whispered in her ear, and she moaned out.

“Yes, fill me up, please. I need it inside of me.”

I worked her over, through her first release and then a second that built off the waves which pulsed through her. She had always liked for me to finish inside her, but with her clingy nature, I wasn’t about to do it. I worked my cock deep, taking her to her depths, and then suddenly my release came, I jerked from her so fast, and her head spun around to see what I was doing, just in time to get an earful of my seed. Luckily her hair caught most of it.

She gave a disgusted look in my direction. “You’re really done with me, aren’t you?” That was the final straw I suppose. She knew if I was done soiling her then there’d be nothing left. The only problem is, there wasn’t anything between us to begin with, not really and certainly because I used to fuck her all the time.

I stuck out my jaw and looked down my nose at her. “I’m taking precautions to protect my interests. You’re no longer one of them.”

She gasped, and her mouth hung open. “I don’t know. You seemed pretty interested.” She waited until I took a spare handkerchief from my drawer and wiped up her back then she stood and pulled up her panties. As I tucked in my shirt and straightened my cuffs, she walked to the door giving me a pouty look.

“What man wouldn’t be interested in someone throwing themselves at him, it doesn’t mean I want you for more than this.”

As she got offended and gathered the rest of her things, my phone rang. The hospital I worked for was always busy, and I cursed under my breath as I saw the name on my phone’s screen.

Nora Strong. Dammit.

I watched as Tana left without saying goodbye. Oh well, next? She had made damned sure not to leave her precious letter.

“Hello?” I braced myself for what bullshit was coming. The woman was always busting my balls and had been ever since she hired me on, and I’d rejected her advances.

“Hello, Dr. Black, it’s Nora Strong. I’d like for you to come in as soon as possible to pick up the papers for your trip. I’ll be overseeing all the arrangements.” Her tone of voice indicated that she thought she was superior.

Great. “Every year I had to go to an offsite meeting to discuss the latest in medical procedures and techniques and sit through demonstrations and lectures. Sometimes there was hands-on learning. As one of the only doctors at the hospital without my own private practice, I usually got stuck learning.

This year, the special feature was a new birth control device, Ortho-nouveau and since they had to send someone to represent the hospital’s doctors, I had no choice.

“There’s another thing I wanted to talk to you about. It seems that one of the case studies, a Ms. Harbor Moore, she’s an intern at the hospital, has signed up to be involved in the program. Since she’s also representing the hospital and we’re compensating her tuition for her participation, I’d like it if you could keep your eye on her.”

I raked my fingers through my hair. “You want me to babysit?” I was quite certain there was more to it than that, but it was totally not necessary. Nora was trying to get a rise from me. She wanted me to protest.

I could almost hear the smile in her voice. “Well, I thought it would be nice to provide an escort, seeing this young woman is one of our best interns and who better than you? Besides, you’re already going. All of her information is in the folder I’ll give you. You might want to meet with her through the week and let her know what time you’re leaving Thursday and what she’ll need to prepare for.”

I put my pen away now that Tana had gone and closed the desk drawer a little too hard. “Yeah, I got it. I’ll come by and see you today.”

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