The Doctor's Fake Marriage(10)

By: Amy Brent

Chapter 5: Evan

Once I got lined out on the highway, it was smooth sailing, and we were well on our way. I’d picked Harbor up from her apartment and was surprised to find her wearing a short black skirt and purple silk blouse. Unsteady on her feet, she’d walked around the car and gotten in, and for the last ten minutes she’d been shifting in her seat and tugging at the hem of the skirt.

It was a battle to keep my eyes on the road with her thighs and modest tugging attracting my attention. Her thighs were the silkiest peaches and cream, and I wondered if they tasted as sweet. My cock punched at my zipper as she crossed her legs and tugged the hem down once again.

I placed my hand on hers and gave it a pat. “You’re fine. There’s no need to be so fidgety.” I gave a soft chuckle trying to put her at ease, but as soon as I’d made contact, she’d tensed. I’d have to get her to lighten up if I wanted myself between those thighs.

She pulled her hand away and raked it through her hair causing it to fall out of place. “I’m not fidgety, it’s just this skirt is too short. I don’t know what I was thinking wearing it.” She kept her eyes averted to the window beside her.

“You look stunning in it.” I couldn’t believe she owned something so nice considering what I’d seen her in the other day, but then she clarified.

“I had to borrow it. I really don’t own many skirts or dresses for that matter.” She turned her head to the side and gave a shrug.

“Well, you should. You certainly have the legs for it.”

She lifted her ass and straightened the skirt beneath her, this time angling away from me. I switched lanes and focused on the road for half a second and then reached over and tucked a stray hair from her face to get her attention.

“Do you always touch all over people?” Her face screwed up, and she rolled her eyes away shaking her head.

“I’m comfortable with people. If you want to be in my field, you really should learn to be too.”

“Believe me. I know my way around a body.” She held her hand up and snapped the words at me.

I chuckled. “I’m sure you do, and I’ll keep that in mind.” I flashed a wink as she turned to me and huffed.

“That came out wrong.” She folded her arms across her front and then gave the skirt another quick tug.

“I’m sure it did.” I had a feeling this cold act was what most people got from her when they tried to get too close and considering her age I had my suspicions about how much experience she had, or perhaps didn’t have.

Her head shot around, and I glanced over to see her eyes narrowed. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Nothing, you’re just a little ray of sunshine. I’m sure I’ve got you all wrong.” This time she tugged at her blouse.

“It’s burning up in this car.” She leaned forward to study the controls, but couldn’t find the air.

I reached over and turned it on with one quick movement. “Here, that should do it. I would put the top down, but you might not want your hair a mess.”

“No thanks. I feel quite the mess already.” She tugged at the damned skirt again, and I let out a long breath.

“It’s not going to get any longer, you know. Why do you care if I see a little bit more thigh? Consider it a payment for the free ride.” I knew the words would keep her rattled and I enjoyed the game I was playing.

My grin widened as she gave me another hard glare. “If I had known I was going to be treated like a prostitute I would have stayed home.”

“Or maybe you wouldn’t have dressed like one? Not that I’m complaining.” I laughed out loud at her shocked expression. “Damn, girl do you even loosen up? You’ve got to toughen up a bit.”

“I’m not used to people to being so rude.”

“You’ve clearly not seen many patients or visited the geriatrics ward. Some of those little old men are going to have fun with you.” The nurses had always claimed the little old men were the worst flirts.

“I’ve seen plenty.” She lifted her chin as it daring me to challenge her confidence.

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