The Doctor's Fake Marriage

By: Amy Brent

A Single Dad & Virgin Romance


I got caught f*cking my intern. Now I have to marry her.

I’m a doctor that likes going in hard and deep.

I seduce with surgical precision.

And when I meet Harbor,

I can’t take care of the bulge in my pants.

What I want to do to her they don’t teach in medical school.

I want to make her moan my name, beg for more.

So, when my boss asks me to chaperone her to a weekend workshop, I take the responsibility seriously.

She’s innocent and raw, and seeing her with those sexy glasses makes me want to take her into my examination room and lock the door.

I’ve got a cure for the ache between her legs, and it starts with ‘D’.

That’s until my boss finds us in compromising ‘position’.

I’ve got one day to get her to agree to marry me or I’ll lose my job.

I’m a single dad. I can’t afford to be out on my a$$.

Hell, maybe it’s time to go all the way.

Maybe it’s time to make a baby with Harbor….

Chapter 1: Evan

I liked Tana on her knees, and she loved giving me what I wanted—we were the perfect combination of kink, which was why I kept her around. Not that I had any other special attachment, no, she was nothing to me but a means to an end, and that end game was nothing more than a nut.

Once I had it, I would be on my way, and with any luck, the hospital where I was on call would call and spare me from her trying to drag out a long goodbye.

I’d fired her over three months ago, but she’d always managed to talk me into one of these little hookups, usually by dropping to her knees. She’d called me up earlier in the day to see if I could write a letter of recommendation, and once I signed my name, she’d thanked me the best way she knew how.

She’d gone down, pumping my cock between her long slender fingers and palm and looking up at me like she’d won the lottery. She deserved the recommendation letter, and no thank you had been required. She’d been a wonderful nanny to my daughter, Blythe, but once my little girl had turned four six months earlier, I felt it was time to stop fucking the help and make things at home be more stable. I didn’t need Blythe being confused, and she had even asked me once if Tana was her mother. Far from her, and thank heavens for that.

Since my wife had passed away just after Blythe was born, leaving me to raise her alone, I’d tried to keep my daughter’s life free from drama, so when Tana got too attached and things were getting a bit out of hand in the discretion department, I had to let her go. There were no hard feelings, but there weren’t any other feelings as well. I couldn’t love someone like Tana, who was not only too clingy but jealous too. With all of that said, though I could sure appreciate her many talents.

She continued sucking, flicking her tongue along my shaft. Every time she wanted to rise up, I’d put her back down to her knees and tell her how good it was. A little praise would go a long way with her, but I could feel the frustration building in her tense jaw. She wasn’t happy about the situation because she wanted more, and I knew her well enough to know she wouldn’t stop.

I took pity and pulled her off of me, then tugged her arms upward to encourage her to stand. Then without a word, I turned her around and pushed her face down across my desk as I hiked up her skirt. She’d always been a good girl to provide easy access at home, and I’d caught her bent over and ready to go more times than not.

I found she’d worn the thinnest lace she could find, so I tugged them down and left them around her knees. No need to step out of them, and she knew better too. That would only create more work and waste my time.

I centered myself to the opening of her slick channel and rubbed my cock through her wetness. She was so wet and ready for me like always, moaning and purring, so I wasted no more time being gentle. I slid my cock home into her wet core and parted her walls in one quick, hard thrust. She winced as the thickness of my cock spread her to her limits, spearing itself to her depths. I’d liked her for that tight little hole, and even though I’d used it many times, it had always snapped back ready for more.

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