The Damned (The Unearthly Book 5)(104)

By: Laura Thalassa

The reception was winding down when Andre took my hand and led me back to our room, flashing me a secretive smile that had my heart racing.

Early on in our relationship I’d assumed that even soulmates’ passions cooled as the newness of their bond wore off. But, if anything, time had deepened the sweet ache I felt for Andre.

He glanced back as he led me through the halls of his—our—house, and his nostrils flared at the scent of my desire. Once we were out of sight of any prying eyes, he scooped me up in his arms.

When I wove my arms behind his neck and pressed a kiss to his cheek, he raised an eyebrow. “No objections to being carried?”

I shrugged a shoulder. “I’m willing to go with tradition just this once.”

His lips quirked. “I’ll make sure to savor it then.”

He placed me down only once we were inside our bedroom. I took in the hundreds of flickering candles that lit the room up. The sight of them had my skin brightening.

The door to our bedroom clicked shut, and I swiveled around. Andre leaned against it for a moment as he drank me in. His look was all predator. He’d kept himself away from me for over half the day entertaining guests, and before that, preparing himself for the wedding.

He was done waiting.

In two swift strides, he caught me. An arm snaked around my waist, the other cradled the side of my face as our lips met. The current between us amplified at our closeness.

Andre pulled away. “Gabrielle de Leon,” he rolled the name on his tongue, “my wife.”

A smile split across my face. “Andre de Leon, my husband.”

He flashed me a blinding smile of his own. “We did it, soulmate,” he said. “We survived the devil, a near-apocalypse, and—most insidious of all—a wedding.”

A surprised laugh slipped out at that.

Andre’s eyes fixated on my mouth, and then he leaned in, capturing my laughter between his lips. With a moan, I fell into the kiss, pulling his head closer to me. By the time our mouths parted, we were both breathing heavy.

“Soulmate, I am the most blessed man to walk the earth,” he said, his voice husky with desire.

His gaze turned heated again, and the time for talking was over. We tugged at each other’s clothes, making our way to the bed. Our movements only relaxed once skin met skin and Andre settled over me.

I gasped as he slid himself inside. Using both his hands, he brushed away the hair that framed my face.

He moved against me, and I broke eye contact for a moment to close my lids and enjoy the sensation of being joined with him.

When I opened my eyes, it was to find him staring at me like I invented happiness. “I love you soulmate,” he said. “Forever and always, I love you.”

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