The Damned (The Unearthly Book 5)(10)

By: Laura Thalassa

His blackened heart was shredded to pieces.

He couldn’t say how fast the time passed. It could’ve been minutes since he awoke. It could’ve been hours.

A shape blurred into the room, stopping near his feet. “Sire,” the vampire said, breathless.

Andre ignored the man. “Kill me, I beg of you,” he pleaded to those that held him down. He never used to plead, but now—God, what he wouldn’t do to end this torment. Hell had to be kinder than this.

“Sire,” the vampire repeated.

Andre thrashed. “Let. Me. Go!” He felt his hair ruffle, but that was it. He could no longer conjure his power.

Because I’ve given up.

“Is this what you want?” Andre roared at his vampires. “An existence bound to me? Holding me down?”

His coven had already started to drain him of blood. They would have to weaken him until he was a desiccated husk. Then they’d chain him inside a coffin and bury it so deep in the ground that the earth would convince him he was really a dead thing. Then perhaps he could sleep and they could live.

It wasn’t a good enough option. He needed death. That was the only way he could be near enough to her.

“Sire!” the vampire shouted, finally drawing Andre’s attention. “Gabrielle is alive.”


“Why did you kiss me?” I asked. We sat in the back of a taxi that headed towards Castletown.

Oliver’s lips curled. “Ugh, don’t remind me. I was giving the people of Jerusalem a show. Leanne mentioned that this would be all over the news in a few hours. They’re going to call us the ‘Angels of Jerusalem.’”

“FYI—angels don’t kiss.”

“If they’re as hot as we are, they do.”

I cracked a smile at that. “Where’s Leanne?” I asked, looking at the scenery that flew past the window.

“She’s preparing for the evening. If you don’t diverge too much from her visions, then we should be seeing her soon.”

I nodded at that, pressing my lips together.

“What … what did he do to you, Sabertooth?” I could feel Oliver peering at me.

“I hate that nickname.”

Oliver took my hand. I stared down at our entwined fingers, then up at him. His eyes were somber. It was a rare day when Oliver was serious.

“What happened?” he asked.

I pulled my hand away from his. He’d never know, never understand what it was like to be there even for a day. All those burning souls, all those demons … all that attention from the devil. I’d come back to earth, but I’d come back corrupted, and now something wicked brewed within me. Now it whispered things of vengeance.

I shook my head. “Nothing worth discussing.”

The taxi came to a stop in front of the castle, the Politia’s headquarters. This place had taken me in and, for months, trained me.

“Sabertooth, you know I love the shit you get yourself into, but whatever business you have here—” Oliver eyed the castle, “you should really reconsider it.”

Revenge swam like a poison through my veins. I finally understood Andre’s need for vengeance.

Cut down the enemy. Right some wrongs.

And oh were there wrongs to right. One in particular I was especially looking forward to.

I opened the car door and slid out. Oliver made a grab for my wrist. “Seriously, Gabrielle. They’ll shoot you on sight.”

I turned back to him. “Leave this place while you can. I don’t want you hurt.”


I shut the door and crossed the road, heading for the building I used to work in.

Caleb might be in there, and he also might not. I’d find him either way. At this point, my anger wasn’t limited to him.

The entire organization had kept me under their thumb, training me, pretending to care about me, allowing me to believe I was one of their own. How quickly they all turned their backs.

My gown dragged along the ground, the spider silk sounding like scales over sand as I moved. Night had just fallen here.

My senses had expanded since I claimed my title as queen of the Underworld. I could feel magic, could sense spells and curses.

But more than that, I could feel a goodness to the world and my own corruption.

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