The Cowboy(10)

By: Vanessa Vale

He nudged his chin up. "Grab hold of the bars and don't let go."

Looking up over my head, I took in the curved bars of the brass headboard. Reaching up, I gripped the cool metal. For that, I received a thin smile from Mr. Blake. Why did he request this? Would he tie me to the rails as I'd heard about?

"I will be back directly. Don't let go."

I stared at the empty doorway openmouthed. He just wanted me to hold the bar? Why? And for how long? I felt his seed seep out of me, my flesh between my thighs hot and pulsing, no doubt swollen from Mr. Blake's very large...cock. My bottom throbbed, stung from his palm. A minute later he returned, holding something in his hand, but he didn't give me the opportunity to see it. I was curious, vastly so, but I knew if he wanted to share it's identity with me, he would have. Sitting down on the edge of the bed, he said, "You may bring your hands down."

I did not realize how tightly I'd gripped the cool bars. "Why...why did you have me hold that?" I asked, returning my hands to my sides, moving my damp palms over the quilt.

Shifting, he turned his body, bringing one knee up on the bed so he faced me. He was as naked as I, but he had no discomfort to his state, seemed comfortable in it. Taking one of my calves in hand, he opened my legs wide as he answered. I tried to pull from his hold, but he offered no give. "Because you would think about not letting go instead of running away."

It was disturbing how well he could read me after knowing me for only a few hours, while I, on the other hand, could not even guess his thoughts, let alone his emotions. Grudgingly, I had to admit he'd been correct in his assumption. The duration he was from the room, I worried about letting go and being spanked again, whether I should adjust my grip even though my palms had become sweaty. My mind had been solely focused on what my hands were doing, what he'd do to me when he returned, not allowing time to ponder anything else.

Lighting the lamp on the bedside table, the room brightened and the shadows chased away, the hue of Mr. Blake's skin turning to a burnished gold. His gaze dipped to the swollen flesh between my legs, now exposed to the cool air and the soft light.

He held aloft what he'd gone to retrieve. "Was it something like this?"

My eyes widened at the sight. I could feel my cheeks heat, yet at the same time, my body softened at the thought of how good I'd felt when it had filled me. "Where did you get - ? How?" I sputtered.

"I have quite a collection of items to use on my bride. But I think those are the questions - the where and how - I should be asking you. Here." He held the wooden phallus out to me to take. Waiting patiently, his eyes pinned mine and his grip was strong on my leg. I wanted to squirm, to get away, but he would not have it. Reaching out, I took the object from him. It was bigger than the one I'd used in Minneapolis. Shifting up onto an elbow, I could glimpse Mr. Blake's cock and see, even semi-erect, that the man was larger.

"Share your story, Emily. You have my complete attention." His voice wasn't as stern as it had been minutes ago, the tense lines of his muscles gone.

I closed my eyes briefly, blocking out Mr. Blake's formidable presence as I collected my thoughts. Sitting there, naked as he was, he had me most distracted. I couldn't just begin my tale with stealing the object from a box. It would not only make me a whore, but a thieving one.I glanced down at the carved wood I held, cool and hard in my palm, and shared my secrets. Once told, he'd know everything and would most certainly get rid of me.

"I...I grew up poor,” I began. “Very poor, with six brothers and sisters. I was the oldest. My father...well, he wasn't a nice man." After all this time, his face was becoming blurry, his features dulled in my memory by time, but his actions, his words were unforgettable. "When I was thirteen, things had become so dire that he...." I glanced up at Mr. Blake who listened intently. "He sold me to one of the town's brothels." Mr. Blake's jaw clenched at my words, but he remained quiet.