The Connection(7)

By: Adriana Locke

“Cane . . .” I feel her pussy clench around my cock and her legs start to tremble.

I pick up my pace, angling the movement so my shaft guides against her clit with every stroke. It’s her undoing.

“Ah!” she wraps her fingers in my hair and tugs hard. “Cane!”

Her body erupts around me, pulsing and squeezing my length. Her nipples go hard and I lick them again, trailing my tongue up her chest before capturing her mouth with mine.

She falls apart, moaning into my mouth, making it incredibly fucking hard not to lose it myself. I slow my strokes, guiding her back to Earth.

Her legs and hands topple to the sides.

I kiss her gently, easing in and out of her slowly.

“Damn, Cane,” she whispers, her voice heavy.

I laugh, pulling out and laying beside her. My dick is hard as a rock, pointing to the ceiling. I want to flip her over and pound into her from behind. But she’s emotional tonight and I don’t want her to ever feel less than . . . my everything.

She breathes sharply and gets up to hover over me. “Your turn.”

I grab her narrow waist and guide her onto me. She glides down with precision, sinking our bodies together inch by inch. Her wetness coats my cock.

It’s fucking heaven.

She places her feet on each side of me and rises up. I palm her breasts, one in each hand. They’re engorged, filling my hands like they were created for them.

“Ready, baby?” she grins, shaking her head so her hair spills off her shoulders.

I tip my hips and she begins to rise and fall, pumping up and down. The sensation of her breasts shaking in my hands is overwhelming.

I meet her thrust for thrust, listening to her little moans.

She can read me like a book because as I get close to exploding, she increases her force.

“Jada, I’m gonna lose it.”

“Lose it.”

I grip her hips and pull her down, feeling every fucking nerve in my body burst. Energy zaps through me, head to toe, rendering me useless. My body shakes, my sight blurred by a barrage of colors.

She sits on me, rocking her hips around, milking my orgasm.

When I finally open my eyes, she’s looking at me. I want to say something, but I don’t, because I’m smart enough to know when not to trust myself.

Instead, I wrap my arm around her waist and lay her beside me. I pull her close and rest my head on her chest.

“See?” I say, yawning.

“See what?”

“I know everything.”

“How do you figure that?”

“Was that not the best fight we’ve ever had?”

“I think I’m going to have to say no just so you don’t start fights with me.”

I chuckle and kiss her neck. “I love you.”

“I love you.”

“What do you want to do tomorrow?”

She doesn’t answer. I look at her and her eyes are closed, her chest moving slowly. I kiss the top of her head and pull the sheet over us.

“Sweet dreams, beautiful girl.”


I’m blissed out.

My body is relaxed, my mind beautifully washed from any stress or lingering effects of the past few weeks. I don’t feel the tightness in my shoulders that I’ve been experiencing and the low-grade headache is gone. I expected it to be worse this morning after all the wine last night, but I was surprised to wake up feeling good. Great, even.

The sun rays are hot against my skin. There’s a gentle breeze flirting by. It dances across the water of the pool, carrying the smell of chlorine and pop music from the speakers. I lay on the chaise, eyes closed, enjoying the peace.

Cane’s hand rests on my stomach, the heat and weight of his skin startling me. I look to my side, to him lying on the chair next to me.

He’s in a pair of white swim trunks, his skin a chiseled and tanned piece of perfection. He gives me his shy smile and it does to me what the sun cannot. I melt. For him.

“You okay?” he asks, stroking my skin with his fingertips. They leave a trail of goosebumps despite the heat.

“I’m great.”

“You’re perfect.”

“Stop!” Kari cuts in, her voice thick with sarcasm. “You’re gonna give her an ego to match yours!”

My sister winks at me. She stands at the end of my lounge with her hand in Max’s. A couple walks behind them, the girl’s eye on Max. It makes sense . . . he does look like a cover model in his dark green trunks. His abs are rock solid, his golden skin showing each ripple of his muscular body. But sadly for the girl, Max doesn’t notice. His attention is focused solely on my sister in her dark blue bikini.

“Oh, please,” Cane says, pulling his sunglasses down and looking at Kari over the top. “You’re the one with the ego the size of the Grand Fucking Canyon.”