The Connection(6)

By: Adriana Locke

“No. Yes. Kind of?”

Fair enough.

“Okay. Take your clothes off.”

She spins around, wobbling a little. “What?”

“You wanna fight?” I shrug off my shirt and toss it aside. I begin to unfasten my pants. “We can fight. That’s fine. I’m more than happy to argue with you. Just get that dress off.”

“I completely don’t understand.”

“If we fight, we fight naked. Now get the fucking dress off or I’ll take it off of you.”

She tosses her shoulders back, trying to look defiant. She crosses her arms over her chest.

I remove my shoes and socks and feel her gaze on me. I slip out of my pants and kick them to the side with my shirt, ignoring her. I can hear her breath pick up but I don’t look up. I undo my watch and sit it on the table beside my wallet.

Finally, I hold my hands out to the side. “Your turn.”

“I’m not getting naked.”

“Oh, my love, you are.”

“I am not—” she starts, but I reach her before she knows it. I kiss her hard, breathing in her protests until she finally gives in.

I press my body against hers. I palm her ass and drag her roughly to me. Her arms wrap around my neck, her tongue mingling with mine. I feel her resolve weaken.

My hands trail up her back, finding her zipper. I jerk it down and step back, guiding the dress down her body until it drops to her feet.

“My God, woman.”

She’s standing before me in a pair of white lace panties and a matching bra.

“I should’ve just married you tonight. Fuck.”

A shadow crosses her face and I wish I didn’t mention it. But I had to. I have to let her know why I won’t marry her tonight. Or . . . sort of why I won’t.

“Stop,” I say, picking her up and carrying her to the top of the bed. Her eyes are wide, her body radiating her need for me to take her. But I know her well enough to see the hint of nervousness lying just below the desire. I know she felt a bit rejected earlier and I have to make that go away. I won’t have her thinking I’d ever reject her.

I toss her gently in the middle of the mattress and climb in beside her. Brushing a strand of hair out of her face, I kiss her lightly again.

“You’ve had a lot to drink tonight and I’m not letting that ruin everything.” I let my fingertips play at the hem of her panties.

“Ruin what?” She covers my hand with hers and nudges it beneath the lace, her eyes locked on mine.

I shrug. I want to speak, to explain, but I can’t. Not yet. Not all the way.

Her silky skin is warm beneath mine. Her eyes flutter closed and a small, sweet sigh escapes her mouth as I press against her opening.

“Mine,” I whisper.

“Yours,” she says breathlessly.

I dip a finger into her, her back arching at the intrusion. I press again, feeling her body tighten around my finger.

“Back to the topic at hand,” I say, watching her dark lashes open and close. “I’m not about to let you ruin the moment we become Mr. and Mrs. Alexander because you drank too much. When we do say our vows, when I promise you all the things I’m going to swear to you, I want you coherent. I want you to remember each and every one.”

She moans softly and I sink another finger into her wetness. I rub her clit and press in again, her body moving against me.

“Cane . . .”

“Jada . . .” I push her bra down one cup at a time, her full breasts springing free. Her nipples are hard, begging for attention. I lick one, then the other, before sucking it into my mouth. I roll her nipple with my tongue while working my fingers in and out of her body.

“I want you so fucking bad,” I growl.

“Then have me.”

I slip my fingers out and grasp onto the lace. I rip them down her body and toss them to the floor.

“You ruined those,” she laughs, her hands reaching out and grabbing my sides. I position my body over hers.

“I’ll buy you another pair.”

She grins, running her hands down my abs and then onto my back. Her touch leaves my skin feeling like it’s on fire. I’ve never experienced that before her and I hope it never stops.

I guide myself to her opening and enter her in one swift push. Her eyes fly open, a hiss escaping her throat as she adjusts to my hard cock.

“You like that?” I pull out before pressing in again, more controlled this time.

“Yes,” she moans, her heels locking at the small of my back. “I do.”

“Me, too.” I feel every sinful inch of her body, slick with want for me.

For me.

She presses her heels into my skin, encouraging me to move faster. I speed up, finding a tempo I know she likes.

I watch her face, her lips swollen from my kisses, her eyes heavy with desire. She’s so fucking beautiful I almost can’t look at her without spilling myself inside her.