The Breeding Bundle, Vol. II

By: Natalia Darque

Chapter One

Brooke Benton dreaded going to work every single day. She seriously regretted her decision to take out tens of thousands of dollars of student loans to attend three years of private law school. With the crushing student debt, she had no choice but to work her ass off in order to make the required payment each month

Only in her second year of practicing law, she had gotten hired into a small but very active law firm. She had been hired by the senior partner, Wade Preston. At the two interviews with Wade, she had been very impressed with him. He was devastatingly handsome, with a strong muscular physique, honed by hours in the gym each day. He had dark hair, kept stylishly cut, blue eyes, and a great smile. His face featured model good looks.

At the interviews, he had been charming and all smiles. It was also obvious that he wasn’t put off by her looks, like any man ever was. At 27, she was built like a brick shit house, as her dad used to say. Involved in athletics in high school and college, she had a sporty athletic little body that she still kept trim and firm with long runs every morning. The runs also helped her with stress reduction from the grinding toll that her job was taking on her.

Her problem was that Wade, despite his almost distracting good looks, had turned out to be a flaming asshole. He was difficult to deal with, bossy and opinionated, and loved nothing more than to berate his employees in front of everyone. One of the other girls in the office jokingly said that he had a personality that qualified as a form of birth control. Brooke couldn’t have agreed more.

He also had a wandering eye, and had had more than one affair in the office. He had a reputation as a first class philanderer. She also found out that he had married into old Dallas money, and would do anything to keep his wife from finding out about his running around. He liked the good life he was living just a little bit too much. She was amazed that given how in love he was with his wife’s money, that he would continue to be such a continuous and flagrant cheat.

Soon after she joined the firm, Wade had made a pass at her, cornering her in his office and attempting to kiss her. She had deftly avoided him, and which pissed him off to no end. He tried to browbeat her into sleeping with him, which she fended off by saying she didn’t sleep with married men. It was a refusal that still upset him badly, and he didn’t let her forget it. He had taken to berating her openly for everything she did, whether wrong or not. Nothing that she did was ever good enough for him.

She had actually considered filing a sexual harassment suit, citing a hostile work environment, but looked at his record. He had successfully fended off several suits already, all either defeated in legal proceedings, or settled for a small pittance, and then proceeded to destroy the legal careers of any who opposed him. He had a perfect record of getting out of every piece of trouble that his cock got him into. With her crushing student debt, she knew that getting destroyed now would ruin her financially forever.

So she was stuck in a horrible job, with a boss that was the biggest asshole in the world.

After her first year at the firm, she received a fairly significant bonus, and decided to spend it on something that she had wanted since she was a teenager. She had always considered her breasts to be too small, and she didn’t like their shape. With her bonus, she consulted a plastic surgeon about a breast augmentation. She was able to schedule her surgery for a Thursday, and ended up missing only two days of work.

She told the doctor that she wanted to have a full C-sized cup, as she didn’t want to go too big in the chest. She awoke from her surgery and was driven home by a friend. After a few days, she appraised herself and thought she was a bit larger than she thought. She called the doctors and they advised that it was probably just post-operative swelling. She waited on it to settle down.

It never did.

The doctor, who had advised her to go a bit larger than she thought she wanted, had apparently just did what he thought best. Rather than a full C, she ended up with a full D. As her implants settled into place, and took on the proper shape through settling, she had to admit that she wasn’t disappointed with the results, and was glad the doctor had ignored her.

Although she was very closed-mouth about her surgery, she could tell from the looks she got on her first day back that it wasn’t a mystery what she had spent her annual bonus on. She also noticed that Wade conspicuously checked out her chest every chance he got, and made no attempt to hide his leering stare.