The Breeding Bundle, Vol. I

By: Natalia Darque

Fort Worth, Texas

The doorbell rang, surprising me. It was after 10 o’clock in the evening, and it wasn’t a time that I expected to have visitors. I went to the front door of my house and looked through the glass of the front door. I saw that it was my next door neighbor and best friend, Steve.

He looked agitated and angry. I figured something must be wrong, perhaps even an emergency of some sort. I unlocked the front door, turned the handle and opened the front door.

Steve and I had been friends ever since I moved to the neighborhood 12 years ago. Although at 42, he’s ten years older than me we had virtually every interest in common. We went to sporting events together, especially the high school football games of the school in our town. Steve’s daughter, Kennedy was a cheerleader at the high school the previous year. We attended all of their games together to watch her cheer, and to cheer on the local boys. They had made it to the state playoffs the year before, and we even went to all the road games together.

We also shared a hunting lease, so every winter we were out hunting ducks, geese, and deer during their seasons, and also took quit a few wild hogs that came through the area every now and then. We were pretty much inseparable.

During the twelve years that we were friends, we both went through some major life changes. Steve’s nagging bitch of a wife left him for her boss at work, leaving him to raise Kennedy on his own. Good riddance, I thought. I pretty much hated the bitch, even before she fucked Steve over.

My wife died four years ago, after being involved in a traffic accident. She lingered for several days before the doctors finally concluded that she was brain dead and I was left with the painful duty of ordering her life support to be terminated. Steve and Kennedy were both with me when Sharon died and had been a source of great strength for me in getting through the tragedy.

Sharon and I had never been able to have children, so I was left alone as a widower. We had been discussing getting fertility treatments, and were going to be tested to see if we had fertility problems, but the accident derailed those plans forever.

So anyway, back to Steve.

Given the depth of our friendship, you can imagine my surprise when as soon as I opened the door, the first thing I saw was Steve’s incoming fist, headed right for my face. Flabbergasted, I didn’t have time to duck, parry the blow or do anything. It took it square in the nose. I felt a sickening crunch as my nose broke. My eyes watered instantly, my nose began to run in a torrent of bloody snot, and the pain was incredible.

Knocked off balance, I fell heavily back on my ass inside my house.

Barely able to see because of the tears streaming from my eyes, I sensed rather than saw Steve advance to stand menacingly over me. He looked down at me.

“That’s for what you did to Kennedy, you son of a bitch!” Steve’s voice was literally shaking with rage.

Obviously Steve had found out about Kennedy and I.

So I suppose that this would be a good time to tell you about it.

One Year Earlier

Steve and I were at the football game for the local team. It was a state quarterfinal game and the other team was favored heavily to defeat our team. Kennedy was down on the field, cheering her heart out. She was the captain of the cheerleading squad and was in her senior year.

I watched her cheering, and couldn’t help but think what a gorgeous girl she is. She had long, dark hair that she always had in a ponytail when she cheered. Her body was lithe and athletic and very petite. She was about 5’2” or so. She was so small that the cheerleading squad used her as the “flyer,” meaning the girl that they hurled into the air and then caught. Cheerleaders don’t like throwing and then trying to catch a big lardass, so they always pick the littlest girls on the squad for the flyer.

“How’s Kennedy’s senior year going?” I asked.

“Oh, she’s doing great. Straight A’s, as usual.”

“Is she still dating that quarterback?”

Steve turned and looked at me, with an angry look on his face.

“No. She dumped him. Can you believe that rotten son of a bitch cheated on my little girl?”

“He did? Jesus, what a dumbass!” I was genuinely surprised that anyone would need another woman in their life when they had someone as beautiful, not to mention as kind and sweet as Kennedy.