The Billionaire's Unwanted Virgin(5)

By: Doris O Connor

Dark eyes the color of charcoal assessed her from under straight slashed eyebrows drawn together in a frown. Shiny jet black hair, pulled back into a ponytail with a sliver of leather, framed a proud, tanned face with a crooked nose that looked as though it had been broken more than once. A five o’ clock shadow already framed that prominent jaw, marred by a lethal looking scar on one side that drew her gaze to a full, sensuous mouth, set in a grim smile. He'd rolled the sleeves of his shirt up, exposing strong forearms and the edges of an intricate tribal tattoo on his left biceps. Arms crossed over his chest, his broad shoulders strained the fabric of his shirt.

Aware that she was staring, she could not tear her eyes away from his languid long-legged advance. The faded denim jeans clung to him like a second skin and accentuated the obvious bulge in his groin. Heat crept into her cheeks, and she hastily tore her eyes away from that part of his body. She did not need the reminder of what she had signed up for. His clean, male scent filled her senses when he stepped right into her personal space, so close that his body heat warmed her frozen skin, and she had to crane her neck to look up at him. He towered over her and leant one hand on the fountain wall while he looked inside.

"So, tell me little Alice, what did you wish for?"

"I'm not little, and that play on my name is hardly original." Her voice was far too breathy, but at least she'd managed to get it to work.

He focused his attention back on her, and her heart turned into a jack hammer. The man was simply gorgeous. Sexy and dangerous all rolled into one heart-stopping, testosterone-laden man, who had bad boy written all over him. If he was indeed Zeb, then heaven help her. Lying back and thinking of England suddenly didn't seem like an option anymore.

"If the shoe fits…" He was so close that his hot, slightly minty breath raised the fine strands of hair that had come loose out its confines at the nape of her neck, and she drew a shuddering breath into her lungs. His gaze followed that movement and settled briefly on her breasts. They felt heavier under his obvious perusal, and her nipples beaded into hard nubs. She hastily crossed her arms and stepped away from him, to give herself some much needed breathing space, and to avoid him noticing her body's shameless reaction to his presence.

A brief smile crossed his forbidding expression, and he, too, took a step back, much to her relief.

"Stop looking at me as though I'm going to pounce on you. Percy tells me you wanted to get this over with, so here I am, little Alice."

Alice had to remind herself to keep breathing.

"You're Zeb?"

If anything he looked even more menacing at her whispered question.

"No, Zeb was my brother." He shook his head, and his lips tightened into a cruel twist. A chill of foreboding sent an icy tendril up her spine, and she couldn't suppress the shudder that went through her as his hard eyes connected with hers.

"I'm afraid my brother's foolishness killed him, so whatever little game you're trying to pull, you've just run out of luck, little Alice, because I seem to have inherited you."

Chapter Two

"I am so sorry for your loss."

The whispered words kicked him in the gut and knocked the wind out of him. He'd expected drama and tears, not this quiet statement. Her hand went out as if to touch him, but she seemed to think better of it, when her tear-stained eyes sought his. He braced himself for the histrionics that were sure to follow, but she surprised him again. She blinked the tears away, straightened her shoulders, and offered him a weak smile.

"I shan't intrude on your time any longer then. If you can just call me a taxi to take me to the nearest train station I'll make my own way home." She didn't look at him as she mumbled the words, looking fragile enough at this moment for a gust of wind to knock her over. She wasn't small by any means, but even so, in her flat sandals, her head would fit just nicely under his chin. In heels she would be the perfect height for him to kiss her without him having to stoop too low.

Lakota shook his head in annoyance. Where the hell had that thought come from? The mention of Zeb had addled his brain. That and her unexpected demeanor. He'd had no intention of actually meeting the woman who'd sold her virginity to the highest bidder, not after he'd seen her picture. The online picture that had so obviously ensnared his brother to spend Lakota's money had left him cold. Just another money grabbing female, who used her body to get what she wanted. Even after Percy had run a thorough back ground check on Miss Alice Wanderlund with surprising results, according to his man, he'd refused to read the thick file Percy had passed him.