The Billionaire's Unwanted Virgin(2)

By: Doris O Connor

"Come on, come on already."

Alice shook her head and tried her best to get rid of the last remnants of sleep clouding her consciousness.

"Finally!" Sara punched the desk, and Alice suppressed a smile. She might have only known Sara for a few short months, but they'd become fast friends. They'd bonded over the ridiculous hours they worked at the café, and avoiding the lecherous hands of beer gut lorry drivers, who were the mainstream clientele of the twenty-four seven café on the outskirts of town. The occasional hot guy who walked through the door was immediately nabbed by the bubbly Sara, who exuded confident sex appeal like the sirens of old folklore. No man seemed able to resist her once she set her sights on them, and Alice envied Sara and her easy way with men.

Alice's experience in that department went no further than the odd fumble and sloppy kiss. At twenty-five her innocence was downright embarrassing, and when she'd admitted as much to Sara one night when they'd both been rather worse for wear, Sara had come up with this crazy plan. Alice hadn't taken her too seriously at first, but then Beth's health had taken a turn again, and she'd run out of options.

It was only sex, after all. How difficult could it be? And she had to lose it sooner or later, so why not make some money out of it, and help her niece in the process.

"Oh my God! Looooook. I told you this would work." Sara's excited screech shook Alice out of her musings, and she sat down on the wonky office chair with an inelegant thump. The auction site had loaded, and her heart stopped. That couldn’t be her page. It just couldn't. For starters the sultry seductress staring at the screen wasn't the sedate picture Alice had put up. No, this one was one of her in last year's far too slutty Halloween costume, and unless she was mistaken, it had been Photoshopped, too, to show even more skin.

However, it wasn't the picture that caused her to hyperventilate, and the room to go into a spin. It was the figure that showed as her final bid, the auction having closed five minutes ago.

It seemed she had successfully sold her virginity for an obscene amount of money. Who in all that was holy was Zeb2909high-life, and what on earth would she have to do for £650,000?

Sara's hand on the back of head, forced it down between her legs.

"Breathe. Don't pass out on me now. I told you this would work. It just needed the right incentive. You're not mad with me are you? Alice? Alice, breathe, just breathe, okay? This is a good thing, a really, really good thing. You can afford the treatment now, and your mum doesn't have to sell her house."

Over the roaring in her ears, Alice registered the desperate cadence to her friend's voice, and she shook her hand off and forced herself to breathe slowly. In through her nose, out through her mouth, in-out. She could do this. She straightened up slowly and forced a smile on her lips for Sara.

"You're not gonna pass out on me, are you?" Sara's worried face swam into her vision, and Alice blinked several times to bring her friend into focus.

"No, I'm fine. It's just … it's so much money. Who does that?" She blinked again and pushed herself closer to the screen to make sure she hadn't imagined that figure, but, sure enough it still said the same. "What have I let myself in for? What if he's some sort of pervert?"

Sara pulled her in for an unexpected hug.

"Well, then he's a very rich pervert." She clicked on the bid history and whistled through her teeth. "Look at that. The day I changed the picture, he put up a maximum bid. It doesn't say what that was, but no one else stood a chance. Man, whoever he is, he really wants you."

"That's what worries me," Alice said. "Why all that money for me? What on earth does he expect me to do, apart from the obvious?"

She worried her bottom lip with her teeth and tried to ignore the butterflies taking up residence in her tummy. Sara just laughed.

"Hey, maybe he is like, you know the guy in Pretty Woman. Too much money to know what to do with, and he liked what he saw. What's not to like after all. I keep telling you, you're stunning, especially when you don't hide that body in dirt cheap clothes."

"That's not helping. I'm no hooker, Sara. At least she knew what she was doing. Fuck it, I have no clue, and he's got to be into something dodgy to pay that much."