The Beauty Series(6)

By: Skye Warren

For she was innocent. Oh, she’d had sex before. And Christ, she’d sucked his dick like he’d never experienced it. Not even before his injuries had he gotten it so good. But her brown eyes were so open, so trusting. Her body was lithe and smooth and young. He didn’t deserve any of it.

There it was, entering the kitchen. That incredible body and beautiful mind.

“Erin,” he said. “We have to talk.”

She picked up on his tone correctly, setting her face into solemn lines, but then she’d always been bright. She walked to him, keeping her eyes trained to his. Probably she was worried he’d touch her again, put his filthy hands on her body and his ugly face near hers. And why shouldn’t she be? He was an animal.

“I’m afraid this isn’t going to work,” he said. “You can’t work here anymore.”

“Okay,” she said, sounding calm. But her hands trembled. And when she saw that he’d noticed, she clamped them together. She wasn’t one to show her weakness, and he hated that he’d made her weak.

“You understand, this isn’t any fault of yours,” he said. “You’ve done a great job. I’ve never had such a clean house. It’s just…well, I’m sure you realize the problem. It can’t happen again.”

“Right,” she said in that same neutral tone. “I understand.”

He didn’t want to hurt her, but he could see that he had. He’d thought maybe she’d be a little disappointed, since he liked to think they’d had a friendship. Or maybe she’d be relieved that she could get away from the lecher without him making a fuss. That would have been bad, but this was far worse.

But he knew what it was. “I realize you rely on this job for college. I don’t intend to ruin that for you. I can give you some money. The same amount you would have made it you’d kept working here.”

Her facade cracked. So did her voice. “You want to pay me?”

“Well, yes,” he said, genuinely confused by her distress. He’d done her wrong, by having sex with her. He’d pay the price, all right, not getting to see her again. But the least he could do was leave her whole, and that meant paying her the wages she would have earned.

She stood. Her lower lip trembled, but her eyes flashed with anger. “You can keep your goddamn money.”

“Erin, I don’t understand—”

“You don’t understand? I’ll explain it to you. I know I’m just some stupid college kid and you don’t really care. I can accept that. I’m just a maid to you, and a girl you can fuck, fine. But I am not a whore. You can’t have sex with me and then pay me to go away.”

He was shocked. “I didn’t mean it like that. Of course you’re not a whore.”

Her face crumpled at the last word. She turned and ran from the room. He caught up to her as she grabbed her purse from the hallway table, fumbling inside for her keys.

He stayed her arm. “Erin. Erin, please.”

She couldn’t see what she was doing through her tears, and she dropped the bag in frustration, but she refused to look up at him.

“Erin, I’m sorry,” he said. “I never should have touched you. You deserve so much better than—”

“Oh, don’t give me that,” she cried, finally turning up her tear stained cheeks to him. “You know I’d give anything to be with you. I’d take it any way you could give it to me, but not if you’re going to pay me for it. I can’t be a prostitute, even for you.”

“I don’t want that,” he said. “I want you, that’s all. I just can’t have you. You’re so beautiful, so young, and I—”

“Shhh,” she said. “That’s it. That’s all we need to say to each other. If you meant what you said, if you really want me, then that’s enough for me.”

“Well, it shouldn’t be,” he said, angry now. “You should have standards. You should—”

Then his voice strangled as she grabbed the hem of her shirt and pulled it over her head.

Her sports bra was barely fabric at all, showing her tight nipples. Her abs sloped into wide hips, encased in tight black pants. His mouth went dry.