Texas Redemption(142)

By: Linda Broday

Brodie tensed.

“Who could that be?” Laurel shivered as if sensing danger.

“The only thing you should worry that pretty head about is the lusty lover who’ll be in your bed come sundown and taming his wild streak.” He tweaked her nose.

“A pure waste of time. I like you exactly as you are.”

The stranger pulled alongside and sized them up. Brodie pushed back the felt hat, releasing the rattle’s hiss. He returned the hard, piercing stare, noting the twin ammunition belts crisscrossing the stranger’s chest and the pistols at his hip.

“Lookin’ for a feller. Goes by the name Shenandoah.”

Laurel sucked in a sharp breath, but kept silent.

“Rumor has it the army took him to the stockade in Jefferson to be hanged. Others claim he headed east to St. Louis. Mentioned something about the Black Garter.”

“Obliged.” The man tipped his hat and took off.

Unease gripped until the stranger rode past the saloon and disappeared into the woods.

Laurel let out a pent-up breath. “I thought for a minute you yearned to do something rash.”

“Can’t go around shooting strangers. What would our eight children think of their paw?”

“That he’s the keeper of their mother’s heart?”

“Absolutely. But there’ll be more seekers to come. My dear Mrs. Yates, think you can handle life with an ex-hired gun?”

“Strange question, seeing who you bedded up with.”

“You’re a lavender-eyed vixen, you know that? Had to seine through a bunch of ugly rocks to find the right stone. Mighty glad I did, too.” He flashed a crooked grin, winked, and switched his battered Stetson to her dark head.

“I declare, Brodie, you need to brush up on how to sweet-talk a lady.” The rattles hissed when she leaned back to brush the lock of hair from his forehead.

“Don’t have any call to practice now. You’re mine.”

Promising secrets peeked around the edge of her smile. Lush hips filled his hands. He nibbled gently on a mouth that fit perfectly the curve of his. Her lips knew him and didn’t hold any slights that might’ve occurred against him. A sight better than he deserved. Brodie moved to the pulse in the hollow of her throat before she pushed him away, laughing.

“You may just change your mind.” Laurel crooked a finger for him to follow, which he’d blindly do to the ends of the earth. “Come, my love, I want to find out which apron best fits.”

“Now, darlin’…” He discovered she paid his glares less mind than a pesky fly.

But Lord, did those curves sway when she moved.

“Everything comes with a price. Ollie once said we’re all rare jewels that need polishing. I would say we’re both gold nuggets.”

Call it passion, call it lust, or call it fulfilling a dream—his soul was no longer lost. He’d discovered it in Redemption where it was born.

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North Texas

Spring 1876

Some old wives somewhere probably said that blood on a wedding day forewarned of things to come. But he didn’t have any patience for curses or omens today. Becky Golden was the only girl he’d ever loved. They were perfect for each other.

Nothing would stop him from making a future with her. Nothing.

Houston Legend sucked a drop of blood from the thumb he’d cut on a piece of shattered coffee cup. “Great,” he muttered. He’d probably get blood on the highfalutin ascot he was trying to tie. One good thing—it was black.

“Houston, get a move on. You’re going to be late for your wedding.” His brother’s bellow was louder than a snorting, snot-slinging steer on the rampage. The huge stone house that served as headquarters for the famous Lone Star Ranch picked up his voice and bounced it around the walls.

“Hold your horses!” Houston Legend fumbled with the fancy neckpiece that his beautiful bride-to-be had insisted he wear.

The bedroom door flung open and his younger brother Sam poked his head in. “What’s the holdup?”