Taste of Lacey(6)

By: Linden Hughes

He went still and tried to keep his composure as a sudden rush of precum emerged from his cock. He had to have her right damn now, but he needed to make sure she was ready. With one finger, then with two, he parted her nether lips and salivated when her clitoris came into full view. He bent down, and after several light flicks of his tongue along her moist slit, he landed on her clit and sucked it into his mouth. She bucked so hard he had to latch on to her hips to keep her in place, but he loved her reaction. He used his thumbs to keep her open as he suckled her nub in earnest.

“Rye, what are you doing?” Her voice was thick and garbled.

“Tasting Lacey.” Like he was feasting on a juicy nectarine, he sent his tongue over her moist, ripe flesh before applying a strong suction. His reward was her undulating hips and choppy moans. When she tried to push him away, he pinned her hips to the mattress, keeping her still. She was his buffet, and he was going to eat until she lost her damn mind. The task would be easy, because her pussy was the best thing he’d ever tasted. Ever.


He held his head at an angle, tugging her clit in a firm, milking motion. When her creamy essence spilled from her, he slurped up every drop.

“Ahh,” she screamed and jerked and arched her sex against his face. “Oh God, I’m coming.”

As she shook through her climax, the urge to pound his chest like a primate was strong, but he resisted. Instead, he stood and retrieved a condom from the nightstand. He groaned when he almost shot his load at his own touch. Hell no, not happening; he was determined to be surrounded by her hot walls when he came.

After taking several calming breaths, he climbed onto the bed between her widespread legs. Eyes closed and hands clutching the sheets, he trembled at the first connection of his engorged cock to her moist opening. His paler skin against her brown softness fucked with his head so badly he had to stop and savor the contrast of their complexions.

“Lacey, look at us.”

Her chocolate, glazed eyes shifted down. When she looked at his face again, all he saw was need.

“Please,” she whispered, twisting her hips toward him in a feeble attempt to capture his cock.

Her movements sent shocks through his system, making him flinch. “Please what?”


“Come on, Lacey. Say it. Tell me what you want.”

“I want you.”

“You want me to what?”

“Fuck me. I want you to fuck me!”

“My pleasure.” He grunted as he gripped her ass and surged forward. His cockhead managed to delve into her glory, but the rest of his dick went into panic mode when he couldn’t go any farther. She was as unyielding as fucking a virgin.

“Son of a bitch,” he muttered. Her pussy was so hot and good he wanted to tap her fucking backbone, but no way would he hurt her.

“You’re so tight,” he growled as he eased forward inch by agonizing inch. He damn near couldn’t breathe, and his eyes were crossed, but her silken tunnel widened to make room for him. No sooner than he was in to the hilt, he pulled out and then circled his hips until he established an acceptable rhythm. He almost couldn’t believe it. He was fucking Lacey Bishop.

And he loved it. Loved how wild she looked and the way her liquid walls snapped to his dick. He loved how her pert breasts with their pointed centers jiggled and bounced each time he bottomed out. He couldn’t wait to run his tongue across every inch of her. How had he lived without being surrounded by so much beauty?

He thrust faster and harder, and pure ecstasy traveled up his spine. As he watched, her mouth formed a stunned O.

“Yes,” she wailed. When her release hit, her warm channel convulsed and clutched him like a vise grip. He’d made her come again, and it swelled his head as if he’d negotiated world peace.

“Shit.” Sharp zings of pleasure moved from his spine to his loins. He hooked her knees around his elbows and then pushed into her with all the force he could gather. His heart raced; the sweat on his torso dripped onto her chest. An insistent pressure began low in his sac. When his ears started tingling, he knew he was close. Being inside Lacey’s pussy was so good, but almost painful at the same time. Blessed relief came when his climax spiraled through him.