Taming Megan(6)

By: Natasha Knight

She searched his face but still did not speak. After a few moments, she nodded, tucking herself tighter into his embrace, her arms folded between them. She then stepped back into the corner. He watched as she slid her fingers into the waistband of her panties but when she hesitated for too long, he went to her and placed his hands over hers. He held her as he slid them down over her hips, waiting until she widened her stance enough to hold them where he had set them at the tops of her thighs. He gave her hands a small squeeze.

“Thank you,” she whispered.

“Now put your hands at the back of your head for me, Meg.”

He stepped back, watching her closely as she clasped her hands at the back of her head. She didn’t move when he stepped away and settled into his seat behind the desk.

* * *

Megan stood facing the white wall, trying to understand what she was feeling, trying to make sense of what had just happened. She had tried to seduce him, he was right. The lasagna was only the start; the rest of it, well, it wasn’t even a conscious thought. Her instinct was to get out of punishment even though some part of her, the part she was not wholly familiar with, wanted it. Wanted to have his authority and wanted to obey it. It was something she didn’t understand. She was a modern woman. She had never submitted to any man’s attempted dominion over her before, but she wasn’t sure if anyone had really tried. Jake was different than other men but there was more to it than that, surely.

This line of thinking was confusing. She would come back to it, let it sit for a while and then return to it. For now, there were other things to consider, like how her body was physically reacting. Her arms were tired already but there was something else brewing. Specifically, something between her legs. Her clit throbbed and she was damp. The fact that her panties were pulled down was, on the one hand, humiliating, while at the same time so completely erotic. The fact that she stood punished, shamed, in the corner for her misstep of the evening before, the fact that he now held her accountable and didn’t let her off the hook, the fact that he was perhaps watching her or, even more interesting, ignoring her altogether, excited her like she had never imagined it could. She had been dreading this time all day. Dreading this more than the physical spanking he would give her but she was at the same time absolutely and wholly aroused.

Jake’s phone buzzed, signaling the end of her half hour. Megan turned to him. Dropping her arms, she took a step.

“Did I tell you to come out of the corner?” he asked, his tone neutral.

She stopped. “The bell rang,” she began, but he cut her off.

“Did I tell you to come out of the corner?” he repeated.

“No, sir,” she said, turning back to face the wall. They had talked about proper address when she had agreed to give this a try. He had wanted it and she had felt fine with it. Even now, saying the word ‘sir’ felt somehow right. Megan shook her head at herself. What would Josie think of her if she could see her now?

“Good girl,” he said. She heard him rise. “You may turn to face me. Keep your hands where they are.”

She turned to find him leaning against his desk rolling up his shirt sleeves. She swallowed, finding something in that simple act so dominant, so sexy. He was preparing to spank her. She looked at him, his lean, muscular build. He was 6′3″, and the top of her head reached to about the middle of his chest. His dark brown hair fell over one eye and he brushed it back. His eyes, they were gorgeous. So blue she still remembered how she had embarrassed herself the first time she had laid eyes on him and had been unable to look away.

“Now tell me why you’re going to be spanked tonight, Megan.”

“Because I drank too much last night and broke my promise.”

Jake nodded, going around his desk to open a drawer. She watched as he retrieved the small wooden paddle and took a seat on the couch. He then reached his hands out to her.

She had seen that thing once. She’d even felt it on her bottom when he had jokingly swatted her with it. It had hurt and he’d only been fooling around then.

“Come here, honey.”

“Are you going to use that?” she asked before she took a step.