Tamed By The Beast(4)

By: Grace Goodwin

I didn’t know a thing about Atlan, but that didn’t stop hope spreading in my chest like wildfire. I’d been matched. Holy crap. “And this matching thing… you’re sure that the alien will want me to be his mate? You’re sure the matching works?”

“Absolutely.” She patted my shoulder one more time and returned her attention to the table.

“Even for girls like me?” Shit. My deepest fear slipped past my lips before I could stop it. I bit down and hoped nothing else slipped out.

That stopped her cold and she lifted her gaze to mine. “What do you mean, girls like you? Are you married? Because that was one question you were required to answer under oath. If you lied, I can’t process you.”

Married? As if.

I sighed. Jeeeez. Did I have to spell it out for her? With her size-eight body and C-cup breasts, she had probably never worried about being wanted. I studied her concerned gray eyes and decided that, yes, I did have to spell it out for her. Damn it. I took a deep breath and gathered my courage, spitting out the words as fast as I could. “Girls like me. Big girls.”

She raised her brows, as if surprised, her gaze raking up and down my very plus-sized body in a quick survey before returning her attention to my face. Her grin was one of the best things I’d ever seen. “Don’t worry about being too small for an Atlan, dear. I know that to an Atlan warlord, you’ll seem a bit undersized, but you’re his matched mate. You’ll be perfect for each other.”

“Too small?” Was she freaking kidding me? I hadn’t been able to shop off the rack since tenth grade.

“Atlan females are at least a foot taller than the average woman on Earth, and the Atlans need their females to be strong enough to tame them.”

“What do you mean, tame them?”

“They are not human, Tiffani. Atlan warriors have a beast that lives within them. When they are in battle, or want to fuck, the beast comes out. Think of it as an entire planet of males like The Incredible Hulk. You might be a bit smaller than they’re used to, but strength is mental as well as physical. You’ll be perfect for him.”

My mind wandered to the giant hand that had gripped my wrists, the huge cock stretching me open, the massive chest pressed to my back…

I shuddered in anticipation. Yes. I wanted that again. If that was what an Atlan male was like, I was game. Absolutely. “Okay. I’m ready.”

She chuckled then. “Not so fast. First we have to go through some standard protocols. For the record, please state your name.”

“Tiffani Wilson.”

She nodded. “Are you currently, or have you ever been married?”


“Have you produced any biological offspring?”


Her fingers moved swiftly as she continued, her voice monotone and robotic, as if she’d recited the exact same words hundreds of times. “As a bride, you will never return to Earth as you’ve been matched to Atlan, as all travel will be determined and controlled by your new planet’s laws and customs. You will surrender your citizenship of Earth and become an official citizen of your new world.”

Holy crap. Her words hit me like a blast of cold air, and the enormity of my decision struck home. No longer a citizen of Earth? How was that even possible?

I felt cold, hard panic creep up my spine with icy fingers as the wall to my left shifted, opening to reveal a small enclosure lit with bright blue light.


“Your bride fee will be donated to the Wisconsin Humane Society Milwaukee, is that correct?” she asked, as if she could not sense my growing concern. No longer a citizen of Earth? I wanted a mate, but maybe I’d gone too far.

“Miss Wilson?”

“Yes, donate the fee.” I didn’t need the money since I would no longer be a citizen of Earth, and I had no one I cared about to give it to. I lost my fifteen-year-old calico, Sofie, last year to leukemia. My parents were both dead, my cousins lived across the country in California and we were far from close. I was alone in the world with nothing to lose.

My chair slid sideways and a large, metallic arm came toward me from where it was anchored in the wall with what looked like a giant needle on its end. I leaned sideways, trying to avoid it.

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