Taking the Fall: The Complete Series(9)

By: Alexa Riley

Saint comes back over and the guy takes off. “She’s inside. They’re at a booth in the back. I’m going in to chat up her friend. You do your thing.” He pats my shoulder and gives me a sympathetic smile. “Don’t start a fight in there, C. You've only been out for a few hours and I don’t want your ass thrown back in.”

I nod, knowing we’re both thinking the same thing. If I walk into that bar and someone is all over her, I could possibly lose my shit. And she’s gonna be pissed when she sees me.

I reach around to feel that my gun is secure and my jacket is covering it. I want to walk around the perimeter of the building and check for exit points before I make my way in. I don’t want her trying to get away.

The place is big so it takes a few minutes before I’m around the back of the building. When I get there, I’m walking towards the exit door when it bangs open.

Out stumbles my girl.

She’s got on this scrap of a dress and those fuck-me heels she won’t stop wearing. I feel my cock get hard. She’s more beautiful than I remember. So much so, it almost hurts my eyes. She doesn’t notice me at first and I see her start to light a cigarette. What in the fuck? No.

I stomp over to her. When I’m a couple of paces away she looks up just as she’s about to light it. Her steel-gray eyes go wide and her juicy lips make a perfect O. Her hand goes lax and the cigarette drops to the ground, forgotten. I take the lighter from her other hand and throw it down. I grab her by the arms and back her up against the wall.

“Since when the fuck do you smoke?” I bark at her.

“Carter!” she shouts. “What are you doing here? How did you find me?” Her eyes are still wide with panic and she starts to struggle. I guess her fight-or-flight finally kicked in.

I can’t help but push closer to her. I close my eyes and lean down, nuzzling the space between her neck and shoulder.

“Layla,” I breathe.

After all these years, I’ve said her name. It comes out of my mouth like a prayer, a curse, and a promise all at once. I can finally touch her again and my heart may not make it through this moment. My puzzle piece just locked with hers and I’m complete.

“Carter. Oh God. What are you…oh God!” She leans into me but I can still feel her need to fight it. Her mind and body aren’t agreeing on anything at the moment. I nuzzle her neck and breathe in her scent, and she doesn’t know whether to be pissed or turned on.

“Layla, baby, I need you to be still. Stop fighting me.” I lick her shoulder and continue all the way up her neck to her ear. When I get there, I gently bite her lobe and whisper, “Turn around, Cherry. I need to get off.”

Layla immediately starts fighting harder. She fucking hated it when I called her that. I smile to myself. I love when she's feisty. She always liked when I would get her riled up. She would stomp her foot and throw a fit, but I would always catch her smiling. I knew how much she loved me bossing her around.

“Fuck you, Carter. You can’t just show up and then expect me to fall all over you. Get off me!” She struggles against me, but I’m three times her size. I squeeze her arms and twist her around, making her face the brick wall. I push her up against it and she lets out a little moan.

“Oh Cherry, you remember how much you liked it when I told you what to do. And watch the language, baby. You’re my sweet Cherry, and I don’t like hearing that shit come out of your pretty mouth.”

She tries with all her strength to push me off her. “Damn it, Carter, I hated your bossy ass! Let me go!”

“That’s it, baby. Get loud. Let everybody hear how much you like it.” I lean my big body against hers and run my hands roughly down her sides. “You’re gonna let me do this, Cherry. I need this and you fucking owe me. Coming in that goddamn prison looking like an innocent virgin begging to get fucked. You know how many fights I got into after you walked out? How many men wouldn’t shut up about you and that sweet-smelling pussy you got? Now hold still. For as long as I’ve been jerking off imagining this moment, I’m sure I won’t take long.”

I put my forearm against her shoulder blades to hold her still while my other hand goes to the bottom of her dress. I pull it up and see her tiny panties barely covering anything. I run my hand across her luscious ass and squeeze both cheeks hard. “You walked in there waving this juicy treat in front of everyone, knowing it belonged to me, didn’t you?”