Taking What's His (Forced Submission Book 4)(8)

By: Alexa Riley

I open my mouth slowly and lick my lips. He doesn’t wait for an invitation. He grabs my hair and pushes inside me. Our blended flavors hit my tongue, and my natural instinct is to swallow, which makes me lick him.

“That’s it, pet. Just like that.” I look up at him and he pushes in further, causing me to swallow and lick again. After only a few moments of this, he must be satisfied, because he pulls out and gets off my chest.

“You’ll keep my cum between your legs this time,” he says, looking down at where he just came. He puts his hard cock away, this time zipping up his jeans and buckling his belt. “No more distractions. You need sleep, and I’ve got some time to make up for. That sweet mouth of yours is trying to interfere with my delivery.”

He leans down and kisses my lips. When I don’t open in response he puts his hand around my neck. He doesn’t squeeze, but he lets me know what he wants.

I open my mouth, and as his tongue sweeps inside, I can’t help the moan that escapes me. It’s as if my body isn’t my own anymore, rather it’s a toy for him to command.

Chapter 5


I stare at her sleeping form in the mirror I had installed on my dash, exhaustion having finally claimed her. I think about maybe covering her up so she doesn’t get cold. Flipping on the heat, I push the idea away. If I can’t have her right now, I can at least enjoy the sight of her naked in the back of my cab. Seeing her used body worn out from our fucking has me aching to do it all over again.

I force my eyes back on the road. The rain beats down on the windows as I try to make it to my final delivery. After that, I can take her home with me, where she belongs. I won’t have to go back out on the road for a few weeks, so I’ll have all the time I need to work these crazed feelings out of my system. I let out a mocking laugh at the idea. No, my feelings only seem to be growing. I need to be careful. I don’t want to hurt her. She means everything to me, and I want her to know that. I’d do anything for her. Except let her go.

Things will be so different now that I have her bound to my side. The days will be less lonely, or maybe I’ll finally quit being on the road non-stop. My little pet is probably going to get pregnant what with all the cum I plan on emptying inside her body. My half-hard cock comes back to life with the image of her full with my child.

I’ll have to make sure that every time I cum inside her, her own orgasm sucks the cum from my cock. It will just prove to her that she wants my baby inside her as much as I do. Her perfect cunt will cum, begging me to fill it.

I don’t have to be on the road all the time, I just choose to do it. Running a trucking business doesn’t take much on my end. I let the ladies in the office handle all the details. I just make runs to fill my days. What else was I going to do? I had built a house as I was waiting to find my one, and sitting in it all alone just ate away at me. Not anymore. Now I have something to eat away at. Licking my lips, I try to see if I have any taste of her still left on me, but it’s all gone. I’ll just have to get another. And soon.

Taking my next exit, I veer off the highway, heading down towards the packing district of Omaha, Nebraska. If I’m lucky I can make this drop before she wakes and not have to worry about anything coming between us. If someone got one look at her, they’d try to take her from me, something that I’d never let happen.

I couldn’t blame someone for trying if they did; I can’t believe someone hadn’t already claimed her. But fate kept her available for me, waiting for me to find her and make her mine. The world wouldn’t be so cruel to take her from me already, would it? It doesn’t matter either way because I won’t let that happen.

I reach for the knife on the dash and strap it back to my calf. Pulling up to the warehouse, I glance at the clock and see I have ten minutes before they open for me to drop the shipment. I go ahead and back up to the dock so I’ll only have to slide the doors open to unload the boxes.

Putting the truck into park, I pull the key out and turn to stare at what’s now mine. I’d never known possessiveness before her. I knew I wanted to find my one, but I never thought it would be like this. It’s like I have no control. Funny how she’s the one tied to the bed, but I’m the one feeling bound. I just hope all the things she makes me feel for her, I can make her feel for me one day.