Taking What's His (Forced Submission Book 4)(7)

By: Alexa Riley

“That should calm me down for a while. I want to make it to the next town before dawn. I’ve got to make a delivery, and after that we can really have some fun. Just lie here and get some rest.”

He stands up and grabs a pack of baby wipes. He then leans down and uses them to clean me up. He takes such care to clean me gently. It’s a complete contrast to the animal rutting on top of me from just moments earlier.

After he cleans me thoroughly, he bends down to give the top of my naked mound a soft kiss. Then he cleans himself, and my cheeks burn as I watch him wipe away the evidence of my virginity. I have to look away because my embarrassment is painful.

Sly sits on the edge of the bed, grabbing my jaw and making me look at him. “Don’t be shy now, pet. We’ve only just begun.” He kisses my lips and then stands, going to the cab of the truck.

“Will you please untie me?”

He turns around and looks me up and down as he licks his lips. “Not yet, pet. I like having easy access to your cunt.” I didn’t think he would, but I had to try.

His cock is still jutting out from his jeans, just as hard as before. I see a creamy pearl appear at the tip, and my pussy shamefully clenches in response. In just a few hours I’m becoming conditioned to his need. What is wrong with me? Why does my body betray me like this?

Reaching down, he strokes it a few times, and then goes to sit in the driver seat. He tilts a mirror he has on the dashboard so he can see me and I can see him, and he starts to stroke himself. He makes no move to put his cock away as he puts the truck in gear and pulls out onto the highway.

I watch him as he drives and strokes his cock every so often, squeezing the tip and licking his lips. He stares at my body tied to his bed, no doubt thinking about what he just did to me and what he’s going to do next.

As he drives, the lines in his face grow angrier. He seems frustrated, and I see him grip his cock tighter. The head of his dick is getting darker and dripping rapidly now. I can’t pull myself away from looking at him in the mirror.

“Fuck.” His growl sounds through the cabin, and I feel the truck pull over.

I don’t know what to do, but there’s not really much I can do. Once we come to a complete stop, he slams it into gear and turns off the truck, coming back to bed with me.

There’s no foreplay this time, no build up. He just gets between my legs and stuffs his cock inside me. I let out a shout because I’m still sore, but watching him touch himself for so long made me humiliatingly wet.

“Goddamn your sweet cunt, pet. I don’t have time for this.” He thrusts hard and throws his head back with his eyes closed. “I don’t have time to need you like this. I can’t fucking think about anything when I see you laid out here for the taking.”

He looks back down into my eyes, and I hear the slippery sounds of my need as he thrusts in and out. I hate that I can’t control my body, and the ache between my legs swells as Sly thrusts harder.

“I saw you got wet while watching me. I had to give you what you needed.” His hard thrusts pull a moan from me.

“Listen to how you love it.”

I bite my lip to keep from giving him the sounds he wants, but it’s useless. He’s fucking me hard and taking what he needs, and I’m a slave to the pleasure.

“I can’t do anything else with you here like this, cunt open and dripping for it.”

His disgusting words turn me on, and I grit my teeth to stop the approaching orgasm. It’s coming and I try to fight it.

“Nooo,” I moan as the orgasm takes me and dark indulgence floods my veins.

“There it is, pet. That sweet release.” He buries his face in my neck, thrusting hard one last time, seating himself fully inside me, and cumming.

Once he’s finished, he pulls out and climbs up my body, straddling my chest and putting his cock to my mouth.

“Clean me off, pet. I want you to taste what your cunt did, see how sweet she is for me.”

I press my lips together tightly, turning away and refusing to do what he asks.

He leans closer to me, smearing our mixed cream across my lips and cheek.

“I said suck it, pet.”

Hearing his deep voice makes me turn my head. His words are hard and demanding and not to be played with. I have to choose my battles, and this isn’t the time for me to make a stance. He’s used my body and taken what he wants. Giving him this feels more intimate, and I know doing it means fully complying. I’ll do what I have to to get through this.