Taking What's His (Forced Submission Book 4)(5)

By: Alexa Riley

I try to protest, but the words stay on the edge of my lips as he sucks on my clit. The pleasure that shoots through my bound arms and legs is intense and terrifying.

“Nooo,” I moan, trying to do something to stop this. I shouldn’t like this, shouldn’t enjoy it. I close my eyes tightly and try to fight the feeling, but all it does is send me into blissful pleasure.

“Give me what I want.”

He growls against my tender flesh, and I know what he’s asking for. He wants an orgasm from me. I can’t get off like this; I’m not supposed to. This is wrong, and if I get off, then I’m telling him I like it.

Sly licks long swipes up and down my clit before sucking it into his mouth and biting down. My body betrays my will and I give him what he wants. I cum hard and long, and though I fight to keep quiet, a moan escapes my mouth.

“That’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard, sugar. The sounds of my love cumming. Let's see if this virgin cunt of yours sings on my cock like it did on my face.”

He sits up, unbuckling his belt and undoing his jeans. Oh God, this is really happening.

Chapter 3


Fuck, she’s perfect. My eyes roam down her body, laid out for the taking. I know that I have to get inside her to cool the barrage of emotions I’m being assaulted by. I’ve been waiting my whole life for this moment and now it’s spread out before me. She might not be begging me to take her, but her swollen pussy is. The juices from her orgasm coat her, tempting me to taste her again.

I reach down to my open jeans and quickly free my aching cock. “This is all yours, pet. It will be your responsibility to take care of him now.” I stroke myself, pre-cum sliding down the head of my cock, a drop escaping and hitting her bare pussy. “Whenever he gets hard you’ll tend to him, anytime, anywhere. And with you naked in my cab, I have a feeling that’s going to be a whole fucking lot.”

Dropping down over her small body and caging her in, I rub my nose along her neck, breathing in her innocence. I’m going to turn her into my little pet and train her body to respond to mine. I’m going to make her crave me like I crave her. She’ll know nothing but me.

“Tell me you want me.” She shakes her head, and I smile against her skin. I sink my teeth into her flesh, relishing that she made me do it. She defied me, so I had to mark her. She jerks against me, but I don’t loosen my hold. She shouts and squirms, but eventually she gives me what I want

“I want you.”

Her words wash over me, and they’re the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard, almost better than hearing her cum for me moments ago. I wonder if I can get her to cum on my cock so she’ll suck me deep inside her virgin body.

I couldn’t believe it when she told me she was still pure for me. But when I saw it for myself, I knew in that moment she was truly meant to be mine. She waited for me like I’d been waiting for her. It made my dick so hard it fucking hurt. I need to be inside her so bad, and feeling the aftermath of the orgasm I just gave her soaking my cock just makes me need it even more.

Dropping my hips lower, I brush my cock against her pussy. “I’ll give you what you want, pet. You’ll never have to beg for what’s yours.” As much as I just want to thrust inside her, I need to make sure she’s ready, I softened her cherry with an orgasm, but I want her wetter before I push through all the way to her cervix.

Aligning my cock with the opening of her pussy, I only push the head in. It takes all the willpower I have not to fully sheathe myself inside her perfect little body. Slowly, I rock my hips, only moving a little. Each time I pull back, her pussy clenches my head, begging me to take what’s mine. But she’s my responsibility, and no matter how much her cunt wants me, I have to make it right for our first time together. This is a special moment for us. She’ll see how much she means to me if I do this right for her.

“You want it, don’t you?” She doesn’t answer me. I knew she wouldn’t. But she doesn’t have to. She isn’t fooling me. “You feel that? Your pussy is trying to latch onto me, begging me to take you. You can say no all you want, but I know the truth.” I rock back and forth a little more. My thrusts are shallow, but my balls are drawing up.