Taking What's His (Forced Submission Book 4)(3)

By: Alexa Riley

“Please don’t do this. Just let me go. I won’t tell anyone. You’ll never see me again.”

Her words spark my anger. Never see her again? Over my fucking dead body. “Cameron, give me your fucking underwear.” Gripping the steering wheel hard, I try to get myself under control, “Talk about leaving me again and you won’t like the consequences.”

Reaching under her dress the best she can without showing me anything, she awkwardly gets her panties down her legs. Her shaky hand holds them out to me and I snatch them up like a prize. I bring them to my nose and inhale deeply, the smell of her sweet pussy making my balls ache.

“I want to see it. Spread your legs, hike the dress up, and show it to me.” I don’t wait for her this time, my patience already on edge, reaching over I yank her legs apart and flip her dress up. I know the sight of her, of her pussy, will calm me down. Maybe I’ll make her play with herself, the smell of her cunt would fill the truck cab and maybe act as a balm to my anger. She makes a move to cover herself, but I squeeze her thigh.

“I’m going to release my hold on you. You don’t as much as fucking move unless I tell you. Got that?”

“Yes,” she says, so softly I almost don’t hear her.

Letting go of her leg, I turn on an overhead light. “Spread them further apart. I want to see it.” The need is so strong I’m not sure how I’m not coming apart at the seams. I need to mark every part of her so she knows she’s mine.

She slowly spreads her legs wider, and I get my first glimpse at her bare pussy. It pisses me off. I expected to see the same black hair covering her pussy as she has on her head.

“You’re shaved.”

I hate thinking about the other man she did this for. She looked so innocent sitting in the diner all alone. Like she needed me to save her. Her dark hair cascading down all around her, a contrast to her creamy skin. Big green eyes that made her look like she’d never been touched by anything or anyone.

She doesn’t respond to my statement, her breaths coming out in fast little huffs.

Reaching down, I cup her pussy, running my index finger between her folds. I bring the finger to my mouth to taste her sweetness. I need to know if she’s as innocent as she tastes.

“You have a cherry in there?”

Chapter 2


His words make my skin prickle. What have I done? How did I agree to this? Seeing him in that diner felt like a beacon of hope in the night. He was so handsome and charming, and I thought he looked like a decent guy. Someone you would take home to your mom and dad.

Now we’re barreling down the highway and I have no hope of getting out of this situation. I just need to do what he says and keep him calm, but I’m terrified I’ll say the wrong thing and this will go badly.

“Answer me!” he barks out.


My face turns bright red with mortification. I don’t know why I’m embarrassed to admit it. It’s not like it will help the situation either way, though it seems like he’s angry thinking about me shaving for someone. I just like the way it feels not to have anything down there. I don’t have much hair anyway, but this way it’s nice and smooth.

“Oh, fuck.” He almost says it like a moan.

I feel him start to pump the brakes and I get hopeful. Maybe if he pulls over I can make a run for it. I don’t care if I’m in the middle of nowhere, I’ve at least got to try, right?

“I can’t wait. I wanted to give you more time, but I can’t. Hearing you say that little cunt is fresh makes me need it now.”

“No! Please no! I promise I’ll show you whatever you want. I’ll obey. Please.” For a second I think about grabbing the wheel, but it’s a big eighteen wheeler, and who knows if I’d survive it. Maybe I should offer a blow job or something to keep him calm. I’ve never given one, but I’d give it my best shot to keep him from hurting me.

“Too late.”

I see the sign for a rest stop up ahead and I start to think. People. There will be people there. Then I realize it’s almost three in the morning. No way will anyone be there.

“I see what’s going through that pretty head of yours, Cameron. Nobody will be there to stop us. Don’t you worry, you’re all mine.”