Taking Her Turn(9)

By: Alexa Riley

“You,” I tell him. “All of you. Not just the parts you want to show me. I want it all. It belongs to me.”

“Is that so?” In one move he pulls my dress over my head and tosses it to the ground. He slides one of his big hands into my hair and he takes a handful of it. He grips it tightly, and my lower half clenches.

“Yes,” I moan, unable to help myself. His dominance is like a sweet lick of desire over my skin. I crave it.

“You belong to me and I don’t like you showing others what’s mine.” His grip on my hair tightens. “You don't walk around this warehouse letting other men have small peeks of it. Don’t test me on this, Mina, or I’ll never untie you from our bed.”

I know he’s talking about me taking off my leggings. I didn't do it to get anyone else's attention. What I wanted was for him to snap. I wanted him to do it again because this time I wouldn't be passing out afterwards. We’re having this out.

“We’ll see.” I bat my eyelashes at him, feigning innocence.

“That mouth again. It’s going to get you into trouble.” His nostrils flare a little as his jaw tightens.


“Hush.” The single word is slow and filled with power. My nipples tighten. “I think we’ll put that mouth to better use. Take my cock out.”

I stare up at him in shock. He’s going to let me touch it? He always says my touch is too much and that it puts him on edge.

“Now,” he snaps.

My hands rush to his belt and undo it. Once that’s done I go for the button on his jeans, my fingers shaking with excitement. I fumble with the button and his zipper, but finally I get it. Reaching into his pants, I pull out his length and it springs free. Cum leaks from the tip and I lick my lips.

I try to take him into my mouth, but he holds on tightly to my hair, not letting me move.

“Maybe my wife has some control issues of her own.”

I glance up at him. A small smile pulls at the corner of his lips. Maybe I do, but before this man I knew nothing about sex. Now he’s opened that box and all of this has come flooding out. I don’t want to stop it. I want to explore it all with him.

He pushes my head forward a little and the tip of his cock is a breath away from my lips. “Lick off the cum.”

I do what he says, greedy to taste him. I swipe across the tip of his cock, and his salty sweetness explodes on my tongue. I moan, wanting more. I try to take him into my mouth, but he pulls me back.

“Did I say you could touch yourself? I do believe I’m punishing you.” I pull my hand from between my legs. I hadn't even realized I’d been touching myself because I was so lost in the moment.

Leaning down, he grabs my hand and brings my fingers to his mouth. He sucks on them, making my center tingle with need. I wiggle. I want his mouth between my legs, but I also want his cock in my mouth. He bites the tip of my finger, and I still.

“Hands behind your back. Lock your fingers together. I don’t trust my greedy girl to not touch herself. I don’t share my wife with anyone. Not even herself.”

I put my hands behind my back, eager to please him. I want to see what he’s going to do next. I know I poke at him and that I took control in bed. I didn’t do it because I wanted to have the power. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed every second of it. I always enjoy everything when it’s with him, but this is the real Kingsley, the man he’s being hiding from me, just simmering below the surface.

I want him to see that I want this, and I’ll do as he commands me. My body and my soul are begging for it.

“Open your mouth and don’t move.” I part my lips for him. “I’m taking what I want and you’re going to sit there like a good little girl. Maybe when I’m done using your mouth for my pleasure I might give you a little of your own.” He leans down again. A smack lands on my pussy, making me gasp. “If you’re not good I won’t be playing with this for the rest of the day. You’ll sit like this until it’s time to go home.”

“You wouldn't!” The idea seems appalling, but the wetness between my thighs doesn't agree.

“I would. By the time we leave here today you’d have lock jaw. I’d have to fuck this mouth every twenty minutes if your pussy is out on display like it is. Now I told you to open your mouth,” he growls.