Taking Her Turn(8)

By: Alexa Riley

He spent the rest of the weekend being soft and sweet with me, telling me about the big deal he made. He made me dinner, and we didn't have sex again. Every time I tried he’d fall to his knees and eat my pussy until I passed out. I needed to break through to him.

I turn when I hear his heavy steps getting closer to me and bite my lip to keep from smiling. After I tied King to the bed something shifted a little inside me. I feel bolder and it’s fun poking at his control. But I hate the guilt that eats him up. He has to see how much I love all the different ways we make love. I don’t want him to ever hold anything back from me. I want him to be himself in whatever way that comes out. I know I’ll love every one of them.

His longs legs stride towards me, his jeans tight on his thighs. His plain white shirt has a few grease smudges on it from when he worked on one of the trucks first thing this morning. His five o'clock shadow is already showing and it’s not even noon. My core clenches when I see the look on his face.

His eyes go to my legs, which are bare because I’m in a dress. When we left the house I had leggings on under it but took them off before coming down to the warehouse floor. This place is usually sweltering, no matter how hard we blast the air conditioning.

“What are you doing?” he bursts out, and I shrug.

“Whatever I want,” I say, turning and giving him my back. I start to walk away, pretending to work, but then suddenly strong arms grip my hips and spin me back around to face him. I look up into his blue eyes and my breath catches.

“Someone isn't being a good girl,” he growls, so low only I can hear him.

My breathing picks up at his words. He slips the clipboard from my hand, tossing it off to the side. It hits the concrete floor with a loud thud.

“What are you going to do about it?” I ask, and his eyes flare.

He leans down and I feel his breath on my lips. “Don’t push it. That dirty mouth you’ve picked up while I was out of town is going to get your little ass in trouble.”

I lick my lips and he doesn’t miss the slow slide of my tongue across my lips. He sucks in a breath, no doubt thinking of the last time he had his cock there.

“I’d love to show you again how dirty my mouth can be.” I slide a hand up his chest and I have to stand on my tiptoes to run it up the back of his neck. “You could take me to your office. Make me suck your cock to work off all this tension. Though I’m not sure that would be punishment for me being a bad girl since I love your cock in my mouth.”

Before I can blink, I’m flying through the air and landing over King’s shoulder.

“Get back to work!” he shouts as he moves through the warehouse faster than I thought possible. I blush. In all the fun I was having, I forgot that people were working in the warehouse. I’d gotten lost in the moment with King. His eyes always do that to me. Hell, all of him does that to me.

He takes the stairs up to his office two at a time. The big glass window in his office overlooks the whole place. When he enters the room he slams the door behind us. He walks over to the sofa and drops me onto it, then strides over to the window and jerks on the cord to close the blinds, blocking everyone's view. Finally he goes to the door and flips the lock.

My heart starts to pound. We’ve never had sex in his office before. I’ve tried to bait him, but every time, he’d grab me and we’d leave. He’d take me home and make love to me there. This feels dirty.

With his back to me, he places his hand on the door and takes a few heavy breaths. He’s trying to get it together. I slip my hands under my dress and pull off my underwear. I toss them onto the floor in front of me before hiking my dress up and leaning back. I slide my hands between my legs and spread my lips.

“King. I need you,” I moan.

Slowly he turns and his body goes rock solid at the sight of me. I know I’ve got him once again.

Chapter Seven


King’s eyes go straight between my legs. A predatory smile forms on his lips, making my pulse pick up. His steps are slow but purposeful. Each one draws him closer and closer to me, making my heartbeat race with excitement.

“Get your sweet ass to the edge of the sofa and spread those legs wide,” he commands. I rush to do as he says. He steps between my legs, wedging them even farther apart. He’s so close, his erection is right in my face. “See something you want, wife of mine?”