Taking Her Turn(4)

By: Alexa Riley

He kisses me hard, like he’s starved. I feel him take a deep breath as if he’s trying to get himself under control. All he does is kiss me and he doesn't take it any further for a long time.

“Soft,” he mutters against my lips when he finally calms.

I know he’s not talking to me but to himself. His mouth grows tender over mine right before his tongue licks across my lips. I open my mouth to invite him in, and he accepts. I try to deepen the kiss, wanting to have hard, rough sex, but King keeps it lazy and sweet.

“Miss me?” he asks against my lips. I nod, trying to take his mouth again, but he’s in control. “I couldn’t breathe until I walked in this door.” His lips move down my neck. “Always such a good girl. Doing what I tell you.” I know he’s talking about me sleeping in his shirt. Maybe I do it because he tells me to, but I also do it because it reminds me of him. Smelling him around me while I sleep when he’s gone is the only way I can sleep without him.

He grabs for the shirt, ripping it easily from my body and tossing it to the floor. He kneels between my legs and I see he’s completely naked already. My eyes go to his cock, sticking straight out. It’s tight and angry-looking on the tip as cum leaks down the head of it. I lick my lips. I want to take him into my mouth, but that’s something he’s never let me do before.

His breathing is heavy, his chest puffing in and out. I pull at the ties around my wrists. I’m desperate to touch him. I’ve missed him so much and I need to feel him against me. I want to close the space between us and wrap myself around him. I want my hands on him, but he hardly lets me touch him when we have sex. Hence the bindings he installed on the bed. If he isn't pinning me down under him, he’s got me tied down in some way.

I know why he does it without even having to ask. It’s all about control. It’s what he always has to have. He’s scared that, with me, it could break at any moment. I have a feeling I’m the only person who’s ever tested it. I like that, but what I like more is when it cracks. The reminder of the one time it happened has me lifting my hips and begging him to fall on top of me and brand me in every way, to leave little marks on my skin like the last time so I feel his passion on me for days. See it any time I look into the mirror.

He gazes at the spot between my legs and this time he’s the one licking his lips.

“King, sweetie, please let me go.” I wiggle my hips more. His big rough hands grab them to stop me from moving anymore.

“Never,” he growls. His blue eyes look darker, then his mouth is on me.

“Ahh!” I cry out as he goes straight for my clit, sucking it into his mouth. His hands keep me in place as he pushes me quickly towards an orgasm. I’ve been on edge since he left, so it only takes a second before I go off. The pleasure rushes through my body as I cry out, but King doesn't stop when I jerk against him. He keeps licking and sucking, pushing me towards another orgasm. He’s trying to wear me out. He’s been doing this since I’ve been testing his control.

“Give it to me,” he demands, and I do.

I cum harder than the last time and chant out his name as he wrings it out of me. He softly licks me a few more times before finally pulling back. My whole body is lax, and I don’t think I can move.

“I love you so damn much, baby.” He crawls over me, and I look up at him with heavy eyes.

I feel his big cock slip inside me and then I’m wide awake. I watch his jaw clench, and I wish I could touch him there.

“I love you, too,” I tell him.

He takes a deep breath before pushing further inside me.

“Be still. Let me make love to you.”

I want to tell him to fuck me. I open my mouth to say so, but I hesitate for a moment because I don’t think I’ve ever even said the word fuck before.

Just when I’m about to, he kisses me again, leaving me breathless. I taste myself on him as he moves slowly and softly in and out of me. I try to meet his thrusts, but one of his hands goes to my hips, pinning me down.

“Be a good girl and let me.”

I don't want to be a good girl. I want to be bad. I want to be used by him. The thought has me clamping down on his cock.