Taking Her Turn(2)

By: Alexa Riley

That man loves me more than anything. Heck, that was clear after only knowing him a week. The first day I walked into the Kingsley Shipping warehouse he was on me. I came in asking about the ad needing someone to get his office organized. I was hired on the spot before I barely got two words out. He wouldn't let me out of his sight. He even talked me into going home with him the first time because he said he needed his house organized, too. I didn't get much of a tour that first night. The only part I saw was his bedroom.

But he wasn't alone in being head over heels. When I looked into Kingsley’s dark blue eyes I got lost that first day, too. He could have talked me into going anywhere. It didn't take much for him to get me in his bed and then share something with him I’d never shared with any other man before.

It wasn't even a week later and he had a ring on my finger. He made me Mrs. Kingsley Washington as fast as he could. I went from living with my parents to living in this giant warehouse that King had renovated and made his home. You could fit five of my childhood homes into the place.

My life has completely flipped and I love it all so much. But there’s something still hanging out of my reach, something I’ve been craving since that night my King woke me up on the couch. It was a need for me unlike anything he’d shown me before and I want it back. For the first time ever he lost control and he wasn’t so delicate and careful with me. I want it again, but he refuses. He keeps telling me it was a one-time slip. I’m craving his primal touch, but each time he’s pulled me into his arms since then it’s been soft and sweet. I see his control just on the edge in his eyes as that savage strength starts to take over, but it never stays.

Maybe another night away would get him to break again. My nipples harden at the thought. I squeeze my legs together, trying to control the heat that rushes between my thighs. I need my King.

Chapter Two


I spent all day in meetings and I’m dog tired. What I want right now is to cuddle up next to my woman and fall asleep in her arms, but I’ve got a little longer before I can do that.

Everything went better than expected and the developers are ready to break ground on the expansion. The meeting was full of people and questions, but still, Mina was in my thoughts. I can’t wait to tell her the good news. This is going to mean a ton of jobs for the town, more security for my company, and a solid future for my wife. I’ve already got good money and a nice nest egg for whatever her heart desires, but I want to give her the world. All of this is for her and means nothing without her.

I crank up my diesel truck and turn on the radio. It’s late, but I can’t wait to get to Mina and tell her the good news. She’s my biggest champion and her excitement will be my own.

From the moment I laid eyes on her I knew she was the one. She walked into the shop that day looking like an angel that just dropped out of the sky. She was all big eyes and smiles and I’d never felt anything so good as I did just standing in her presence. She looked up at me with her dark green eyes and I swear I can’t tell you if time stood still or it sped up. All I know is, the first time she laughed my heart was reborn. I’ve done a lot in my life, but from the first touch, the first kiss, I was remade into a man made for her.

Hell, the first day she was with me, I got her back to my place. I didn’t think a woman as beautiful and precious as her would want anything to do with a big bear like me. But God smiled on me again and again until she finally said “I do.” I practically picked her up and ran with her down the aisle the moment she said yes, because I was terrified she would change her mind. I thought that any second she was going to realize she could do better and be out the door. But somehow, some way, she loves me. She looks at me like I hung the moon just for her, and I swear to God, if I could I would.

She’s so delicate and soft that I constantly have to remind myself to be careful with her. I have to go slow and be easy with her little body. She’s the most important thing to me on this earth and I have to protect her. Even from myself.

My thoughts drift back to the last time I was away from her, and when I came home. I took her like a savage on the living room couch. Flashes of me gripping her hips and biting her shoulder as I took her from behind flood me. I’d left bruises on her silky skin and felt like a bastard the next day when I saw them. I’d ridden her so hard she had carpet burns on her knees, but she just laughed them off and told me how good it was. I know she was just trying to make me feel better about how rough I took her. She’s my angel that way. Always saving me.