Taking Her Turn(14)

By: Alexa Riley

“Got it,” she says, giving me a high five and running out of the kitchen.

I talk with Mina’s parents for a second, telling them what field the game is on so they can come. Then I kiss Amy and our youngest, Beth, on the head before I go to join my woman in the shower.

“Daddy?” I hear just as I’m walking out of the kitchen. When I turn around I see Amy coming down the hallway.

“What’s up, pumpkin?” I ask, reaching out and tugging her ponytail. How can my little baby be so big? Where did the time go?

“I was wondering if while Lexi was at her game, you could take me dress shopping.”

My mouth falls open and for a second I don’t know how to answer.

“I just didn’t want to do it with Lexi and Beth there and I wanted a new dress for the dance next week.”

“Um, yeah. Yeah, we can do that,” I say hoarsely, then clear my throat.

“Okay, great, love you,” she says and runs off in the other room.

I stand there stunned for a second before I have to turn and run up the stairs. When I get to our bedroom, I kick the door closed and run into the bathroom.

“She asked for a dress!” I shout, and Mina looks out through the shower glass at me.


“She asked me to take her dress shopping,” I say and feel relief in my chest.

I didn’t realize I was so worried about it until she said the words, and now I’m relieved. I jump in the shower with Mina and pick her up and pin her to the tile wall.

“I told you so,” she says smiling at me.

“Don’t be so smug,” I say, and I thrust into her.

She moans as her legs tighten around me.

“After I’m done getting you off you’re going to tell me how to buy a dress.”

Her giggle turns into another moan as I remind her who the King is.