Taking Her Turn(10)

By: Alexa Riley

As hot as that sounds, I know I’ll die if I don’t get to cum soon. My whole body is buzzing with need. I open my mouth and the hand on my hair tightens even more as he thrusts into my mouth.

Chapter Eight


She does as I ask so beautifully that I have to lock my knees to keep from falling to the ground. I never thought about how innocent and untouched she truly was until she blossomed into my sex goddess. Now she’s touching herself and wanting to explore and it’s up to me to guide her. My possessive obsession with her is unlike anything I’ve ever felt and I’ve been doing this wrong.

I’ve been holding back when I needed to give her everything. She’s right, and as much as I hate to admit that I might have hurt her by not giving her all of me, I did. If the roles were reversed and she held back a part of herself I would climb the walls until she gave in. I’m surprised she allowed me to do it as long as I did, because I would have been a demanding monster on day one.

Her full, pouty lips are slick as my cock passes through them and into her warm, wet mouth. She swallows and her tongue presses on the underside of my cock. I grunt through clenched teeth.

“Fuck.” My grip on her hair loosens then tightens again as I hit the back of her throat and she doesn’t gag. She breathes through it and I pull out, rubbing the tip across her mouth.

“More,” she whines, and I push back in, cum leaking out of my cock as I go.

“Look at how pretty you are. Legs spread, pussy dripping wet. That sass mouth of yours stuffed, finally getting what it wants.”

I don’t know how long I’ll last like this looking down at her, so I try to steel myself. When she whimpers and begins to writhe I know that I can’t actually let her ache for me. I might threaten her, just so she gets the feel of it, but deep down, I want to give her what she wants. Even if that means letting go of the control.

I take a step back and my cock slips free of her mouth. She’s breathing hard and her eyes are wide like I’ve just taken her favorite toy away.

“Stand up,” I order, and she instantly does as I ask. I lie down on the couch and then pull her to me. “I want you to sit on my face while you suck me off.”

She bites her lip, but I see the excitement in her eyes. She bounces on her toes for a second before she climbs on the couch with me. Once I get her pussy over my mouth I grab her hips and pull her down on me. At the same time, she sucks my cock into her mouth. In this position, she can use her hands and I feel them everywhere. It’s heaven and hell at the same time. I’ve got her pretty pink pussy on my mouth and her lips wrapped around my dick.

It’s hot and dirty and she wiggles on top of me. Her round ass is in my face as her hips work on my mouth.

“I need you,” she says before going down on my cock again.

I growl against her pussy as I suck on her clit one last time. Then I grab her hips and toss her on the couch so her ass is up in the air and I get behind her. I put my hand over her mouth before I thrust into her hard and deep.

She cries out, but it’s muffled and I put my lips to her ear. “You better not let anyone hear a peep. You’re mine, and nobody gets to hear what you sound like when you’re getting fucked but me. Forever.”

She pushes her hips back to meet my thrusts and spreads her legs wider so I can go deeper. I know I’ve been holding back, but she was made for me. She was made to take me as I am, even without my control. I was so worried about hurting her that I kept what could be the best part of us separate. But now I see how good it can be both ways, and I don’t know if I can go back to the way I made it before. Now that I’ve had a taste of how good this can be, I can’t give it up.

Her pussy is squeezing me tight as I thrust in and out. It’s too good and I won’t last much longer.

I move one hand off her hip and slide it around to her pussy. I play with her clit and move my lips to her ear. “You like when I’m in charge, and we both know it. But you want me taking you like a beast, don’t you?”

She nods and moans into my hand.

“That’s right. It’s okay if you like it. You’re my good girl.” Her pussy tightens with my dirty words of praise and I know she won’t last much longer. “I’m done trying to pretend I’m not an animal for you. I’m done forcing myself to be calm when all I want to do is mount you on the nearest surface and rut. I’m done with holding back.”