Taken by Bikers(5)

By: Meg Jackson

“Brian! Really, stop!” I said in a whisper, afraid to cause a scene.

“Sara, please, just a little bit, I just want to feel you, baby,” Brian growled, almost menacingly. He was grabbing at my breast harder now, and his hand was rubbing against my panties quickly.

“No, really, I want to stop now,” I said pleadingly. He didn’t stop, or let me move away anymore. I looked at his face and it was set in a determined scowl. “Please, Brian!”

“Sara, you always fucking tell me to stop, it’s not fair, I’m not even doing anything, just trying to make you feel good!” Brian snapped at me, then moved even closer to me. He was almost pinning me to the bench at this point, one hand squeezing my breast and the other hand trying to push my panties to the side. I could feel his fingers against my pussy and it kind of hurt, the way he was being so rough.

“STOP!” I cried out, loudly, no longer worried about making a scene. Brian looked at me and I just saw anger in his eyes.

“Shut up, Sara!” He yelled back. At that moment, the door to the bar swung open. The stranger from earlier, Cash, was standing there. Brian and I both jerked our heads around to look at him. He was standing there, arms crossed, looking down at us with a serious look on his face.

“Trouble out here, teacup?” He said, looking at me. Brian took his hands off me quickly, spinning around so that we were just sitting side-by-side again. I was breathing heavily, heart pounding, as I pulled my skirt down and straightened my shirt.

“No, no trouble, thanks,” I said, looking at my lap.

“There better not be. We don’t like trouble from punks like him,” Cash said, shooting daggers at Brian. Brian ran his hands through his hair, aggravated.

“Leave us alone, dude, this isn’t your business,” Brian said, slurring his words slightly. I realized Brian was probably drunker than I’d realized.

“Anything that happens here is my business,” Cash spat.

“Well, we’re leaving now, okay?” Brian said, still not looking up at the burly stranger.

“You’re taking her home? I don’t know if I think that’s such a good idea, asshole,” Cash said. “You gonna just bother her some more?”

“No, sir, it’s fine, really, it’s nothing,” I said quickly, not wanting any trouble. I looked up at him, trying to stop whatever was going on between him and Brian.

“Shut up, Sara, I don’t need you standing up for me!” Brian said, suddenly enraged. He stood up and faced Cash. “She’ll be fine. She never has to do anything she doesn’t want to do. Isn’t that right, Sara? We never, ever do anything you don’t feel like doing, huh?” He was staring at me at this point, eyes shaking in anger.

“You better sit the fuck back down, little boy, and talk right to your lady. She ain’t done nothing to you that I can see ‘cept not let you get your little rocks off,” Cash said, taking a step forward.

“Get in the car, Sara,” Brian said, voice shaking. I could tell he was as afraid as he was angry. I could also see the way he was swaying, and realized he wasn’t just drunker than I’d thought; he was very drunk.

“I don’t know, Brian, you shouldn’t drive right now,” I said, only concerned with our safety at that point. I didn’t care about Brian being mad at me, or the way he’d been treating me, I only wanted to know that we were both going to get home safe.

“Shut up, Sara! Get in the damn car! I’ve had it with your bullshit tonight, and I’ve had it with this jerk and this stupid bar. I’m leaving, and you’re coming with me,” Brian barked, grabbing at my arm and pulling me off the bench.

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