Taken by Bikers(29)

By: Meg Jackson

I released his cock and turned to Drill, who was thrusting against my hand at this point. I could tell he was close, and, looking up at him, I opened my mouth wide, positioning it just under the head of his cock. I flicked my tongue up and down against the head and Drill groaned before releasing spurt after spurt of hot cum onto my waiting tongue. I waited until his pulsing cock had begun to wilt before closing my mouth and swallowing his still-warm cum. Drill took a step back and wavered slightly.

“I’m sorry, teacup, I didn’t mean to be mean,” he said dazedly.

“It’s okay, Drill,” I said, settling down so that I was sitting on my calves. I looked around the bar. The men were all looking at me admiringly and I couldn’t help but smile. I saw some movement out of the corner of my eye; I turned to see Cash approaching me, that devilish half-grin lighting up his face. I rushed to my feet and into his arms.

“You did it, beautiful. I’m so happy, teacup,” he whispered into my ear. I pulled back and beamed at him. I was proud, too, and satisfied. And he had been right; I felt closer to everyone now, and would never dream of giving up their secrets. He leaned in a little closer. “Feel like a fuck?” he whispered. I had to laugh.

“Cash, just give me until morning, huh?” I said, giggling. He patted my ass and pulled me even closer.

“I’ll wait for you forever, teacup,” he said as I melted into his arms.

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