Sweet Haven (The Sweet Series Book 2)(72)

By: K.C. Lynn

Joshua stops halfway across the lawn and pulls me in for a soul-shattering kiss. I wrap my arms around his neck, my tears of joy mixing with our passion as he lifts me off my feet.

“I can’t believe you came back for me.” My heart is so full, nearly bursting at the seams with love for this man.

He places me back on my feet, his strong hands framing my face as he pulls back to look at me. “I’ll always come for you.”

They are words I’ll remember forever.

“Are we really doing this?” I ask with a laugh.

He quirks a brow. “Second thoughts?”

I shake my head. “Never.”

He graces me with that charming smile. The same one that melted my heart all those months ago when we first met. The same one I can’t imagine living without.

“We’re going to have a good life, Rose. I promise.”

I reach up and cup his strong jaw. “I know.”

“We’ll get you new clothes as soon as we arrive. Anything you need,” he promises.

“As long as I have you, I have everything I need.”

He gives me one more toe-curling kiss before we head to the train station, catching it just in the nick of time.

We made it to Chicago safely and were married in a small ceremony shortly after we arrived. We couldn’t wait to start our lives together. Joshua supported us, working as a firefighter, and I found a job as a teacher in a local school. We were happy. We made love often and laughed everyday. We were ready to start our family.

But fate had robbed us of our destiny. Two years later, the Great Chicago Fire took three hundred souls, including my beloved husband. But the child he sacrificed his own life to save, lived. Because of him.

I lost so much more that day than the man I loved. I lost a piece of my soul forever. I never remarried. I knew I would never be able to love someone the way I did Joshua. Even knowing our outcome, I will never regret the decision I made that night to leave with him. Those two years were the best of my life. Every second I had with him was magic. I lived in the memories we created together and carried them with me into eternity.

It wouldn’t be until 2016 when the stars realigned and fate had its say once more for Joshua and Rose. Samantha and Jase lived a long and happy life together, building the family they’d always dreamed of and sharing a love that would span many lifetimes to come. Soul mates until their dying days, only to find each other somewhere down the road once again.

Most likely…in another peach grove.

The End…for now.

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I’m blessed to have so many amazing people who love and support me in this beautiful journey I’m on. Most of them have been with me from the very beginning. They’ve had my back, believed in me, and wouldn’t let me give up when times were daunting.

To everyone who has been a part of this amazing journey with me—family, my beautiful editor, betas, friends, my author groups, bloggers, and readers around the world. You know who you are. Thank you. I love and cherish every single one of you.

A special shout-out to the brave men of Fire Station Two and Captain Gyepesi aka Captain Gypsi, who so graciously allowed me to be a part of the family for a night. I found you funny and admirable. I knew the moment I met you, I would make you the captain in my series.

Thank you to the rest of you for the courageous, honorable work you do and for welcoming me into your station. An extended thanks to Kevin Royle for continuing to answer any questions I have and extending an open invitation to the station. I appreciate it more than you know.

You men are true heroes.