Sweet Haven (The Sweet Series Book 2)(10)

By: K.C. Lynn

I love my dad and brother more than any man on this earth but it’s no secret they have egos that outweigh their good sense. However, their hearts are much bigger and that’s what’s most important.

“Why do you want to know?” he asks, suspicion thick in his tone. “He hasn’t been giving you problems has he?”

“No, no. Nothing like that.” The problems Jase gives me I can handle…most of the time. “I just wondered. Seeing him last night made me think of it.”

“Well, if he ever does, you just let me know. I’ll take care of it.”

Little does he know, the last person I need protection from is Jase Crawford. If not for him showing up who knows how far things would have escalated with Grant.

The thought crashes back down on me, souring my mood. “I promise, Dad. It’s all good. Anyway, I better get in the shower. Tell Mom I said hi and give her a kiss for me.”

“Will do. I love you, Sammy. Call again soon.”

“I love you, too. Bye.” Hanging up, I climb out of bed and head to the bathroom, my heart heavy once again. I avoid looking in the mirror, not wanting to see the mark I know will be there.

The shame and pain that lingers is reminder enough.



Today was supposed to be my day off. Yesterday was the end of my rotation but I traded with Declan to stay on one more day because I knew she would be coming here—the girl who has stolen my every thought.

Sam is bringing her preschool class in today for a field trip, and I have to see her. I haven’t been able to get her grief-stricken eyes out of my head. I have to know she’s okay. I hate that I care, I don’t want to but it seems the organ in my chest has a mind of its own when it comes to her.

Once they arrive, Cam is the one to greet them at the door and lead them into the back room where the demonstration is set up. A pile of kids all cram their little bodies through the entryway, excited smiles on their faces. Austin and Jake stand at the front of the room while I stand off in the back corner.

Sam walks in next, her smile radiant, giving me a chance to take in my first full breath since leaving her devastated almost a week ago. However, all that air is stolen once again as I take her in from head to toe. From her peach colored shoes, to her conservative white knee-length skirt and matching peach tank top that’s tucked in, showing every one of her perfect, slender curves in the classiest way possible.

Seriously, what is with this chick and fucking peaches? She smells like them, dresses in the color. Hell, even the natural tone of her perfect full lips is fucking peach. I’ll bet she tastes as good as one, too…

Don’t go there, Crawford. You don’t need to be sporting a hard-on around a bunch of kids.

The pep talk proves pointless the moment her sparkling green eyes meet mine. The connection strikes me to my fucking core, shooting straight to my dick.


It’s short lived when her smile dims along with her gaze. Her eyes widen, surprised that I’m here. I’m not sure why she would be. She knows I work at this station. Unless, she checked to see if I was going to be here. If that’s the case then I’m busted.

I hold her stare and try to ignore the way my chest tightens along with my jeans. How the hell I can have so many conflicted feelings about one chick, I have no idea, but it drives me fucking crazy. I just need closure from the other night. Once I know she’s okay and that guy hasn’t bothered her again, I can move the hell on.

Eventually, she dismisses me and turns her attention to the class, slapping on that perfected smile of hers. “All right, boys and girls. Pick a spot on the floor.” She gestures to the space in front of her, lining up all the little rug rats so they can see over one another. One of them laughs as she tickles them, to make more space in front. “Good. Now, crisscross applesauce.”

The entire place becomes silent as they all cross their legs and fold their hands on their laps.

“Wow, you guys are good listeners,” Cam praises.

“I have the best students,” Sam says, her genuine smile lighting up the whole damn station. It’s clear to see this is her element and she enjoys her job.

“I can see that. Thanks for coming in, guys. I’m Firefighter Cam. This ugly dude to my left is Firefighter Austin.”