Sweet Haven (The Sweet Series Book 2)

By: K.C. Lynn



Trying to find your place in the world can be difficult.

I grew up in the best family a girl could have. My parents showered me with love and affection. My big brother protected me and showed me what it meant to be strong. And my beautiful, talented sister was my best friend.

They were my place—my home.

Then one by one they left, because their home became somewhere else. The only one I’d ever known no longer existed, and I still wasn’t sure where mine was.

At one point I became lost trying to find it. It was a dark time and one I never want to live through again.

Then, one day he barged into my life—my brother’s rival. With his big ego, insane good looks, and cynical attitude.

My name is Samantha Evans and this is the story of how I found my place.

My home.

My sweet haven.



Music vibrates beneath my feet as I head up to the bar with my tray in hand. “I need three Coronas, two Jack and Cokes, and a screwdriver for table seven,” I tell my friend, Zoey, who’s behind the counter.

“Got it.” Lining up three glasses she begins filling the order. “I can’t thank you enough, Sam, for bailing me out once again. Finding reliable help nowadays seems impossible, especially on a Friday night.”

I smile back at her, feeling bad about how much trouble she’s had finding good servers. Zoey is one of my best friends and owns Overtime, a successful sports bar here in Silver Creek. Anytime I can help her out I do, especially since the hours don’t conflict with my day job. It also keeps me busy and my mind off of things. Things I don’t like to think about.

“You know I’m happy to help whenever I can. It’s not like my Friday nights are ever eventful.”

She chuckles, knowing it’s true. “Well, thank God for that or I would have been in one hell of a bind tonight. It’s going to be hard to find backup when you leave me for good,” she adds, speaking of my upcoming move to Charleston. Her smile dims as she places the first two drinks on my tray. “You know I’m going to miss the hell out of you, right?”

“I’ll miss you, too,” I confess, my throat beginning to feel tight. “But we still have three more months together. I promise to come visit and you can come see me, too.”

“I know, but it won’t be the same.” She pops the caps off three Coronas before putting them down in front of me and reaching for the limes nearby. “The first thing I want you to do when you get there is go to your brother’s gym and find yourself a sexy fighter. If you find two then send one my way.”

“Yeah right, you know how Sawyer is. The last place I’ll ever find a date will be at his gym.”

“Well, he’s going to have to get over the whole protective big brother thing. It’s time you got back on the dating train, Sam. Now that the two-timing asshole is out of the picture.”

My stomach knots at the mention of Grant.

Zoey senses the reaction. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to bring him up.”

I shake my head. “Don’t be. It’s fine.”

Actually, it’s not fine. Nothing to do with Grant was ever fine. If I could go back and change the seven months I foolishly gave him then I would. But I can’t. All I can do is move on and never let myself stoop that low again. Being with my family again will help. I’ve missed them so much.

Shoving my thoughts aside, I flash Zoey my perfected fake smile before turning back to the packed bar to deliver my order. It really is a great place with booths and high-top tables littering the worn hardwood floors, creating a maze of sports enthusiasts, eager to catch whatever sporting event is on for the evening. Most local sports teams come in to either celebrate their victory or drown their sorrows.

As I place each drink in front of the waiting patrons, I feel a crowd at my back as people take the table behind me. I spin around to greet them with a bright smile that dies when my gaze collides with a pair of sexy chocolate brown eyes that girls drop their panties for in a heartbeat.

Jase Crawford, my brother’s sworn enemy.

His gaze blatantly sweeps down my body, making my skin tingle before slowly climbing back up to my face. I stand tall, refusing to shift under his scrutiny, knowing that’s exactly what he wants. A slight smirk plays at the edge of his full lips, but there’s no denying the hint of hostility in his eyes as he stares back at me.