Sun God Seeks...surrogate?

By: Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Accidently Yours Series


This novel is dedicated to Javi (God of All Things Manly), Seb (god in training), and Stefano (dictator in training). You make it all worthwhile. Now, please, please stop breaking everything. Naughty boys!


Naughty Nana (spiritual cheerleader extraordinaire), Phoenix (my writing buddy who’s now come over to the dark side of PNR! Yes!), Dina Rubin (awesome, professional editing), Digital Donna (yes, I think we’re finally done with this cover. LOL), Cassie (for ensuring my pop culture references were relevant to twentysomethings: Ninja Turtles, Gunther…really?), Coffee Beans and Love Scenes (world-class virtual book tour support), Vicki Randall (thank you for the abundance of enthusiasm, input, and watching my back), MY FACEBOOK buds (OMG! I don’t know you, but I love you—in a non-creeeepy way, as Ashley would say. Not only do you crack me up, but you wow me with your 80s sitcom knowledge), and all of the NICE, NICE PEOPLE (like you, Ute Carlin and Kim McNicholl!) who beta-read, sent e-mails, tweeted, and posted reviews (you ROCK!).

Cimil’s Mandatory Pop Quiz

Well, hello again, my little People Pets!

Now, I know you’ve been patiently waiting for this sequel to BOTH Books One and Two, but you must first pass my fabulous little Pop Quiz.

Oh, yes. The gods have spoken. And by gods, I mean me. Because I’m the only one who counts. No, really. The gods can’t count or do any sort of math. Don’t ask. Leprechaun curses aren’t funny.

Anyhooo, no cheating! (Especially you, Ashlee...) And I will know if you do. Because I know everything. Except how this story will end…

Demon crackers!

Cheers to me,

Cimil, Goddess Delight of the Underworld


1. An ancient society of warriors and scholars who serve as the gods’ eyes, ears, and muscle.

A. The Smurfs

B. The were-Smurfs

C. The Uchben

2. A female descendant of the gods. Not immortal, but does carry the gods’ bloodline.

A. Snooki

B. Betty White

C. A Payal

3. An evil cult of dark priests, descending from the Maya.

A. The Republican Party

B. The Democratic Party

C. The Maaskab (aka Scabs)

4. Evil vampires whose favorite flavor is innocence.

A. The Obscuros

B. The Osmonds

C. The Osbournes

5. Now that Chaam, the God of Male Virility is locked away, I lead the Maaskab army.

A. The Dos Equis “Most Interesting Man in the World”

B. Kathy Griffin

C. Gabriela, Emma Keane’s grandmother

6. Mimi Jean’s favorite slang term for a man’s private part.

A. Man-treat

B. Man-sicle

C. Man-fritters

SEE ANSWERS – On Last Page


Wondering which screw in her head had come loose this time, twenty-four-year-old Emma Keane strapped a parachute to her back in preparation for yet another fun-filled jungle mission.

“Dammit! Stop wiggling!” she barked over her shoulder. “And that had better be your flashlight!”

Well, actually, it was a cranky, rather large warrior named Brutus strapped to her back and wearing the parachute because she had yet to find time for skydiving lessons.


In any case, looking like a ridiculous, oversized baby kangaroo wasn’t enough to stop her from making this nocturnal leap into enemy territory—Maaskab territory. She had scores to settle.

Emma sucked in a deep breath, the roar of the plane’s large engines and Brutus’s growls making it difficult to find her center—the key to winning any battle. And not freak out.

Funny. If someone had told her a year ago that she’d end up here, an immortal demigoddess engaged to the infamous God of Death and War, she would have said, “Christ! Yep! That toootally sounds about right.”

Why the hell not? She’d lived the first twenty-two years of her life with Guy—a nickname she’d given her handsome god—obsessed with his seductive voice, a voice only she could hear. Turned out, after they finally met face-to-face, their connection ran blood deep. Universe deep, actually. A match made by fate.

Emma rubbed her hands together, summoning the divine power deep within her cells. One blast with her fingertips and she could split a man right down the middle.