Suddenly Dirty (Dirty Texas #1)

By: J.A. Low


To Ev

Wish you were here to see me finally release this book.

You were the first person to read this story all those years ago and even though there has been many different version I hope you liked how it turned out.

Even though it’s probably a little more racier than you would have liked.

“Who the fuck are you?” I scream, scrambling out of the bed. My hands tremble as I point the brass lamp towards the dark figure hoping it will protect me. Who the hell was in my bed? Suffering from a wicked case of jet lag after arriving in Los Angeles from Sydney yesterday, I made sure I didn’t drink too much last night. Did I forget that I brought someone home? Last I remember we were eating sushi and knocking back sake shots in West Hollywood. We finished the night dancing in a gay bar with a rowdy bunch of drag queens, singing the classic Aussie hit “Land Down Under” by Men at Work. Shit, maybe someone spiked my drink; could that be how I ended up with a stranger in my bed?

“Who the fuck are you?” The deep-voiced stranger questions me as if I’m the one in the wrong.

We stand on the opposite sides of the bed in silence staring at each other through the darkness.

He takes a step around the bed towards me.

Oh no, you don’t mister. I shake the lamp at him again as if I’m brandishing a fearsome weapon.

“What the hell are you doing?” He asks, sounding like a dirty, rough cowboy; someone that’s probably used to wrangling cattle or something equally as hot. Maybe he likes to wear chaps. Hmm, chaps now that sounds hot.

Shit! Why the hell am I focusing on his sexy accent instead of the dire predicament I find myself in? For all I know he could be a wanted Hollywood Hills rapist, and here I am thinking about his sexy voice. Stupid, so bloody stupid, Sienna! “Don’t fucking come near me. I have a weapon.” I scream at him, again making sure he knows I’m serious.

The stranger takes two steps into the early morning light streaming through the glass patio doors. Oh my God! The lamp falls to the floor with a thud, my hands cover my mouth in shock. I haven’t seen a naked man in the flesh, besides my ex-husband, in almost a decade. This one looks a lot like Evan Wyld, one of the world’s hottest rock stars.

“Like what you see sweetheart?” He cocks his head to the side, smirking. “Most women do.”

Tearing my eyes from his length, following the hard ridges of where his V meets his hips, my tongue darts out wetting my lips as my eyes trail further up over an impressive six pack, towards arms full of colorful tattoos. Okay, this can’t be real; my celebrity crush is standing in front of me, naked! I had to pinch myself because so many of my dreams have started off just like this.

“You’re not dreaming, sweetheart,” he confirms, his hardening cock bobbing with each step he takes towards me; it’s mesmerizing.

Focus Sienna. “You’re naked,” I blurt out of nowhere. Maybe I shouldn’t focus on that, anything but that.

“Looks like I am,” he smirks, flashing those killer dimples. I swear my panties disintegrate.

“What are you doing in my room?” I ask, my question stopping him for a moment.

He looks around slowly taking in his surroundings. “No, I’m sure this is my room, Sienna.”

He’s wrong, because seriously, how stupid could I be to be in the wrong room. I glance around the room; everything looks similar to the one I left my bags in. Except for the guitar standing in the corner. My stomach sinks, shit, I am that stupid; I’m in the wrong room.

He moves towards me again.

I take two steps back hitting the solid wall behind me; shit, I’m stuck. My heart is racing, my body feels like it’s on fire. I press my thighs together because I can feel the ache rising through me being this close to him.

His eyes are roaming over my nearly naked body; each spot his gaze settles, goosebumps prickle my skin. “You are a beautiful woman, Sienna.”

Hot rock star thinks I’m beautiful; I want to fist pump the air. “You’re not so bad yourself.” That had to be one of the worst comebacks ever. As panic rushes over me, all I can think to myself is; quick Sienna, think of something to say to recover from this embarrassment. But as usual, I make things even more awkward by staring at his cock. “What is that?” I breathe out in astonishment.