Stripped Bare(10)

By: Emma Hart

I couldn’t answer. Only throw my arm over my eyes.

“Jesus...” He pushed a second finger inside me, and the easy stretch as my pussy took the pressure felt so damn good. “You feel that, angel? Your tight little pussy is so fucking wet for me.”

The low huskiness of his voice only served to turn me on more. I writhed beneath him as he withdrew his fingers only to push them back inside me. The rhythmic movement combined with his slow, hot exhales teased me to the brink of pleasure.

“Jesus,” I whispered, my legs clenching together as best they could. “If you’re gonna put your face down there, at least lick my clit.”

“Demanding. I like that,” he breathed before kissing my pussy. “You taste good.”

I pushed my hips up, basically forcing myself into his mouth.

He laughed against me, and I felt every rumbling sound against my tender skin. His greedy tongue tasted every inch of my pussy. He was unapologetic in its movements, and he went from circling my clit to my opening in less than a second. He ran his tongue around the opening to my pussy, teasing me before pushing it inside me.

His fingers dug into my thighs as he pushed my legs open wider, stretching his tongue farther inside me. I moaned, bucking my hips against him, and fisted the sheets of the bed.

I fucked his mouth—he fucked with me with his tongue.

Until I came, and he covered my pussy with his mouth, swallowing my orgasm.

West trailed his nose up my stomach until he took my nipple in his mouth again. He sucked hard, his teeth grazing it, and he fisted my hair at the nape of my neck.

“Your turn,” he said.

I moved to my knees in a post-orgasmic haze as we switched positions. He stayed standing, and I blinked several times to right my vision before I undid his pants and tugged them down his legs. My eyes were in line with his lower stomach and the tight packs of muscle there, not to mention the deep, indented curves that formed the V that dipped beneath his pants.

His pants hit his ankles. I grabbed the sides of his boxers and ran my tongue along the line of that indent as I pulled his underwear away from him. His answering moan was low, barely there, as his cock sprang free and I wrapped my hand around its base.

“Sit down,” I ordered him.

He did, perching on the end of the bed. I was still holding his cock in my hand, and I licked up the underside of the long, hard shaft. West’s entire body twitched as I kissed the head of his cock, licking away the glistening drop of pre-cum.

I hated blow jobs, but I loved the power. It was the only time I did.

I took him in my mouth with hesitation, spitting slightly. My saliva dripped down the sides of his dick, and I moved my hand so I swiftly lubricated his cock before taking him back in my throat. This angle was perfect to suck him fully, and I used it to my advantage.

He was big and thick, but the alcohol had loosened my inhibitions and my reflexes, so he hit my throat before I gagged. His fingers sank into my hair, but I was already moving quickly, feeling the harsh throb of his arousal against my tongue. It felt like his entire body was twitching as I sucked his cock to the point I feared he’d truly come in my mouth. Between the rhythmic strokes of my hand and the hollowing of my cheeks as I gave everything I had, I waited for the salty spurt of pleasure I was sure would come.

It didn’t.

He tightened his grip on my hair and tugged my head back, freeing my mouth before he leaned right forward and kissed me. I tasted myself on his tongue, but the kiss was short and harsh, and he released my hair only to throw me over the edge of the bed.

I fucking ached. Between the wild pounding of my heart and the intense throbbing between my legs, I was so turned on, so ready, and I bit down on my lip as West leaned over me and grabbed my wrists. He stretched my arms out in front of me, and his cock pressed between my ass cheeks.

His hands stroked down my back as he straightened and moved away from me. I should have been more conscious of the fact that I was bent over the edge of this bed, naked, with my ass in the air, my legs open, and my pussy exposed. But I wasn’t—I was too busy waiting as he threw his pants to the side.

I heard the rip echo through the air and took a deep breath. No sooner had I sucked it in than he placed one hand on my left ass cheek and ran two fingers through the wetness between my legs. I moaned, jerking back against his hand in a plea.