Stripe Tease(5)

By: Milly Taiden

He could see clearly from there. The woman dressed in a small tigress costume had gorgeous chocolate-brown skin and long black hair. He saw the fake blonde extensions mingling with her curls, giving her hair an added black-and-gold stripe.

She her ass to the men, her fake tail swishing from side to side. She met his gaze. Desire punched him in the gut. He knew she saw his eyes bright with his animal, but he couldn’t stop it. He wanted her. As she came closer, her scent filled his lungs. Need blossomed hard and fast. She roared, lifting a hand curled into a paw and bringing it to her lips. She slid her tongue over the back of her hand and licked, her gaze firmly planted on him.

Fucking hell. He leaned forward, captivated by her smile. She was so close. He could reach out and grab her, hold her. Take her home and fuck her. But he knew the rules. No touching the dancers. She stood slowly, gliding her hands up her large legs, between her thighs, and up to her breasts.

The beat of the music turned into sounds of nature with a hint of jazz. A slow smile spread over her red lips. Those lips drew him in like bees to honey. They were full and perfectly shaped. Then, when she swiped her tongue over her bottom one and pouted, his blood rushed down to his cock.

She yanked on the slit on her top, showing off an impressive set of breasts covered by black and yellow rhinestones. The top came off, and she her chest, making the material slide down her arms. She tossed the top to the side and walked backward to a chair at the center of the stage. His tiger roared under his skin, wanting near her. She was so fucking hot.

She sat, spread her legs, and leaned forward, grinding back and forth on the chair, rocking her hips in a sexy motion that made it look like she was fucking the damn thing.

His cock stood rock hard. He’d never been turned on by a dance so much. He could appreciate the beauty in any woman, but this woman, she pulled him in with her naughty smile and held him entranced.

She glanced around the audience and then brought her gaze back to him. The sexy smile broadened. She tugged on the side of her skirt, and the material spread open to reveal a pair of panties in black-and-gold tiger print. She stood, bent over the chair, and shook her luscious behind for the audience. A loud wave of whistles and catcalls sounded. The skirt went flying when she threw it to the side.

A second later, she grabbed the pole at her back and held on as she did a twirl while at the same time spreading her legs open in a straight line. It wasn’t the usual dirty show of a woman’s privates. She was really dancing. She rocked her hips, spreading them to hold the pole between her legs. Then she leaned back, shimmying to the music. The best part was when she curled her body around the pole like a snake. He swore at that point she had no bones around her hip area, a thought that made him even more turned on.

She dropped back on the ground, on all fours, gyrating her whole body. Every few crawls, she’d stop and roar or lick her paw. Once she was right next to him, she shoved her knees under her, glanced up at him, and winked. The music stopped, and the lights flashed off.

The crowd roared. He knew the kids were waiting to see if she’d take the rest of the outfit off, but from what he knew of Charlie’s, this was not a strip joint like some others. The girls there danced. From what he’d seen of the tigress, they danced fucking amazingly.

He got onto his feet and forgot all about the package he was supposed to pick up. Screw that. He had a cat to find. He pushed to the side entrance where the dressing rooms were located. A woman stopped him before he could get inside.

“Can I help you?”

“The tigress.”

She raised her brows. “What tigress?”

“The one that was just dancing.”

She shoved him back, but he didn’t budge. “Look, sir. I don’t know who you’re talking about, but you can’t come back here. Security will be back any second. This is a private area for the girls to change.”

He hissed in frustration. He waited a few minutes, needing to know who the tigress was—the one he knew he had to get a taste of. He loved women. He didn’t deny it. But this was the first time his tiger pushed at him to get one too. The woman who danced on that stage had the explosive sex appeal of ten nuclear bombs. He wanted to touch that gorgeous, brown skin and taste those ruby-red lips. More than that, he wanted to look deep into her eyes as he slid inside her body and owned her.