Stripe Tease(4)

By: Milly Taiden

She took a deep breath and let it out slowly. Charlie just wasn’t the kind of man to sit around and play golf. He liked his club. It was his first and only business. He was proud of it, and she couldn’t really fault him for wanting to stay there, leading the way. It was his bad business decisions that frustrated her. She unclenched her fingers and stretched them out. Waves of cold shook her to the core. She already knew what she had to do, but it didn’t mean she had to like it. She couldn’t even worry about her father’s stupid bet anymore. She had to deal with the problem in front of her tonight. That mess could wait til tomorrow or another day.

She glanced at her latest design, hanging from a clothes hanger on the wall: a golden tigress outfit. She’d been to the zoo recently and was inspired by the colors of the tigers and their eyes. In two steps, she was in front of the shiny spandex material. She’d created a short skirt and top to mimic the fur on a tiger in color. She’d added a bra and panties with a tail to enhance the outfit. And to add a naughty touch, she’d blinged out a collar with golden stones and added a long chain for the tigress to be led around.

Well, at least she’d be the one debuting the costume. She had used one of the other girl’s measurements to create the outfit. Though all the dancers at Charlie’s were women with large curves, they didn’t get naked. They danced and stripped to a bra and panties.

A knock sounded at her door, and one of the girls poked her head in. “Hey, Nessa.”

“Hi, Carmen. What’s going?”

Carmen eyed the costume, her smile widening. “I heard you’re dancing tonight?”

Great. Charlie must already be talking too much. Again. Would the old man never learn to quit while he’s ahead? She decided to go with the truth. “I am.”

Carmen nodded. “Did you want some help with your makeup before I go?”

Shit. She’d forgotten all about the makeup. She was supposed to be a tigress. She’d need her face painted. “Yes! How could I have forgotten?”

Carmen waved a hand in dismissal. “Don’t worry. I’m sure you have a lot of other stuff on your why you’re doing this.”

True. “Do you want me to come by your chair so you can do my face?”

Carmen gave the costume another longing look. “Yes. You can dress up first so your makeup isn’t ruined.”

* * *

It was time. She’d been getting ready for the past hour, and now she needed to get the show on the road. Already she heard the loud sounds of the college guys drinking and whistling to the dancers. Her stomach rolled, and she thought she might be sick, but she pushed it back.

The music changed from hip-hop to a jungle theme. She stood behind the curtain, her fingers ice cold from nerves. She’d made the lighting guy promise to try and blind her with them so that she wouldn’t focus on the men watching her. Maybe by barbequing her retinas, she’d be able to get through this without needing more therapy.

She was about to walk out on stage when the idea to get on her knees and stalk like a tigress hit her. She dropped on all fours, once again ignoring how small that costume really was or how much of her ass was on display, and waited for the curtains to open.


Cash Tigris sighed and watched the young college kids make fools of themselves in front of all the curvy dancers. He’d never been to Charlie’s before, but he knew now why the place was so popular. The women were gorgeous. Full of curves and in daring costumes, they and danced to the music.

His father had said he’d won something for Cash at Charlie’s. He hoped it wasn’t a pair of women’s underwear. Cash didn’t need nor want that. He scanned the crowd of humans and the handful of shifters around. This wasn’t a typical strip joint. Charlie’s had the look and feel of a 1920s gentlemen’s club. There wasn’t a single slim girl in the entire place—something he appreciated. He was tired of watching women who had nothing to shake try to break a hip onstage.

The sound of the jungle music grew louder. Drums beat, and the stage lights flickered on an off to a figure on all fours. Cash slipped between the men and sat at a front-row table, the one reserved for his visit.