Stripe Tease(10)

By: Milly Taiden

One more turn and they were on her block. The row of little houses in the private community away from the hustle and bustle of the strip was like night and day. She loved living in Las Vegas but hated some of the areas near the strip. There was so much crime and poverty around there. She preferred to stick to this side where the streets were clean, her neighbors didn’t go gamble at the grocery store. This was also a place she could have silence.

He stopped right in front of her house and turned to face her. “I’m glad you weren’t hurt tonight.”

She nodded. She was glad, too. In a way, she was also glad he’d shown up, so she could finally meet a tiger shifter. Those were the one kind she had yet to see.

“Do you want to come in for some coffee?”

Coffee. Right. Not sex. But wait, didn’t coffee always mean sex?

His eyes brightened to an amber color that held her entranced.

“I’m not sure me going in there would be a good idea,” he said, leaning into her.

Her heart tripped in her chest as she watched him come closer. Yes, it was. It was the best idea she’d had her entire day.

“All I want,” he whispered, his lips so close to hers she smelled the hint of whiskey and chocolate on his breath, “is to get you naked.”

She inhaled sharply and did something she wasn’t known for—she made the first move. With a slight lean forward, she closed the distance between them and brushed her lips softly over his. It was a quick kiss, one she had thought to pull back from swiftly. All she’d wanted was a taste of him. Her hormones had been doing the Harlem Shake from the moment she saw him naked.

A rumble sounded from his chest, shaking the hand she hadn’t realized she’d placed on his shoulder. He cupped her face, holding her in place, while he drove his tongue deep into her mouth. And dominated. The powerful kiss wasn’t like any she’d been given before.

He flicked his tongue in such an expert fashion she was moaning and leaning closer. Her mind focused on his lips pressing hard over hers, his tongue driving deep and pulling back, twirling and twisting and engaging her in a sensual play. Her stomach trembled as need coursed through her veins, firing up every pleasure cell in her body. She moaned. Her nipples turned tight with arousal. She sucked on his tongue and let her naughty side out to play, using her teeth and biting him as well.

He pulled back, tearing his mouth from hers and staring at her with glowing eyes while he breathed hard. “You...”

She gulped. Wow. That was the best kiss of her life. She felt like she should get him a thank you card or something. Every woman in the world needed to be kissed like that at least once in her life. “Me?”

He licked his lips, and she almost came on the spot.

“Let’s go inside.”

Thank you, Jesus! She nodded jerkily and didn’t wait for him to open her door, hopping out of the car on legs that felt like wet noodles.

He was faster than she expected. By the time she was shutting the car door, he was offering his hand to help her up the step onto the curb. She met his gaze with a smile. Still a gentleman. With fur. Nobody ever said life was boring in Sin City.

Her hand shook as she pulled the keys out of her pocket. For a few seconds, she fought the door trying to get the key into the lock. He placed his much steadier hand over hers and helped her out. With the door unlocked, she turned the knob and walked in. Anticipation burned a hole in her stomach. She felt like a damn teenager. A thirty-five-year-old woman who’d had more boyfriends than she admitted to her father was nervous. This was ridiculous. She turned around to face him, ready to give him a tour of her place, when she was pulled into his arms and his lips came crashing down on hers.

There wasn’t an ounce of hesitation in her. She gave up her body willingly for him. There was something she was still trying to figure out. Cash was good looking, yes, but there was an aura of command about him that reeled her in. The intensity of his gaze and the heat of his touch made her thirsty for more of him. This was new. Different. Better than anything she had ever had before.

The sound of the door being locked resonated inside her living room. Then he cupped her face and continued to devour her with his lips. His sinful tongue drove in and out, daring hers to join in. Pushing the envelope on her wicked thoughts. He moved forward, leading her back until her ass hit her dining room table.