Stepbrother Jerk(5)

By: Natasha Knight

She stood and I took the seat she vacated.

“Oh, I want that icing, too, the dark chocolate one. And raspberry jam between the layers.”

She made a face. She hated that I put jam on cake. What could I say? I liked jam.

“Fine. Give me the apron so I can get to work.”

“First things first. Stand here,” I said, pointing to a spot a few feet directly in front of me.

She rolled her eyes, again, and stood where I’d said then looked at me with a what now, dickhead expression on her face


“What?” Shock. That was what I was going for.

“You heard me. Strip.”

“You’re kidding.”

“No, I’m not.” I leaned back, crossing one leg over the other, readying myself to enjoy the show.

“Come on, Jace.”

“You’ll call me Sir while we’re here this weekend.”

Her eyes grew wider, and I swore her nipples hardened beneath the white T-shirt she wore. The latter came as a surprise.


“You can’t be serious.”

“Oh, I am.”

“You didn’t say anything about this!”

“I said whatever I deemed necessary. And I deem this necessary.” Up until that moment, I spoke casually, enjoying the exchange, her resistance. But, now, it was time to take charge and show her I meant business. “Now, get naked,” I said, my tone low, my gaze stern, as I settled deeper into my seat, my cock already beginning to stir in anticipation.

“Fine. You want to see me naked? Jerk. Then just fine.” She pulled her T-shirt over her head, the glare in her eyes telling of her anger. “I don’t know what you think it will accomplish—”

I stopped smiling and cut her off. “For one thing, it will help to humble you. Now, stop with the back talk and get naked. You agreed to this, remember that.”

“I hate you.” She pushed her jeans off, sliding her sandals off as she did, then undid her bra. I watched while she cupped each breast, covering herself for one moment longer, her neck and face turning a pretty pink, her eyes wider now, the badass attitude from moments ago vanishing as she stood before me, readying to bare herself to my gaze.

I cleared my throat and she finally had to let go of her bra and allow her full, heavy breasts free.

I swallowed. Christ. They were fucking perfect. More than a handful but pert, big dark nipples hard. My cock stiffened as I scanned her almost naked body, her petite shoulders, narrow waist, the swell of full but not heavy hips. When I met her gaze, it was one of a different Lisa. A Lisa who was quiet and uncertain. A Lisa you wanted to wrap your arms around and protect. This was good, but it wasn’t enough. I nudged at her to get rid of her panties.

“Naked means no clothes, Lisa. Finish it.”

She swallowed, lowering her lashes, at least while she slid her panties down and stepped out of them. When she straightened, her face had gone from soft pink to a much more satisfying crimson. Humility was a good trait, one she lacked.

“Hands at the back of your head.”

She tightened her lip, glaring again, but complied, and I smiled.

“That’s a good girl.”

“Don’t patronize me.”


Oddly, she complied. I made a point of dragging my gaze over every inch of her, taking in the soft, tanned flesh before coming to rest on the prize, the slit of her sex.

Her pussy was shaved bare, pretty, although there wasn’t much about pussy that wasn’t pretty. Looking at Lisa’s made me wonder how wet she’d be if I touched her now. If she was at least a little aroused. Because from the slight scent I picked up, I suspected she was.

I pulled the light pink apron with its ruffled, flower-patterned edges from the bag and stood, not attempting to hide the tent of my erection, knowing she saw it too. I walked behind her, getting an eyeful of that beautiful, full, pristine ass that I bet had never been spanked.

Lisa remained in position, obedient, with her hands clasped at the back of her head. I reached around to set the apron in place, both of us catching our breath when my fingers grazed her waist. I tied a tight bow and stepped back to have a look. The little scrap of fabric almost framed her ass, and, when I walked around to face her again, I saw it just barely reached the very tops of her thighs, giving one the slightest view of that pretty little pussy.